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Desert Mountain  |  Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert Mountain - Shawn Emerson

“Rain Bird is the leader in the industry in Central Control and automation of our computer. We could not do what we do without that computer. It gives you so much control to make adjustments quickly.”

—Shawn Emerson, Director of Agronomy


The Club at Admirals Cove  |  Jupiter, Florida

“The diagnostics of IC System are great. We can instantly run pass/fail and check voltage to know we’re not losing anything out on the golf course. With that instant feedback, we’ll know there’s a problem before the turf ever knows there’s a problem.”

—Blair Kirby, Director of Course Maintenance

Medalist Golf Club  |  Hobe Sound, Florida

“Rain Bird’s hybrid system and the ability to run both satellites and IC System from one computer was a huge selling point for us. Our Central Control is now the heart of the golf course. It runs everything.”

—Jason Jobson, Superintendent


Royal Drottningholm Golf Club  |  Drottningholm, Sweden

“Maintenance and diagnostics are easy with our new IC System. We can run more stations at the same time, making irrigation windows shorter and the system more efficient.”

—Eric Dahl, Course Manager


Halmstad Golfklubb  |  Halmstad, Sweden

“I am very pleased with how little maintenance our Rain Bird® IC System™ requires. With valve-in-head rotors throughout the course, we can precisely manage our irrigation. Rain Bird has proven to be a strong and honest partner.

—Stefan Ljungdahl, Course Manager

Somerset Hills Country Club  |  Bernardsville, New Jersey

“Rain Bird Central Control is simple and easy to navigate, while giving you the ability to micromanage water and create intricate new programs on the fly. I can take water management to another level. We are putting water exactly where we want it, when we want it and in the appropriate quantities.”

—Ryan Tuxhorn, Golf Course Superintendent

 Club Laval-sur-le-Lac   |  Laval-sur-le-Lac, Québec, Canada

“The flexibility in Rain Bird Central Control allows us to easily adjust watering on each station according to daily needs. When I need it for new sod or dry spots, I can quickly create a program to water any combination of stations throughout the course.”

—Mark Hopkins, Assistant Superintendent


Old Marsh Golf Club  |  Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“With the IC System, we’re able to send a signal and within about 15-20 seconds get a full relay back from all 1,200 heads that they’re working and communicating with our system. We can see our flow patterns and make or adjust our programs through our phones, laptops or iPads.”

—Tony Nysse, Superintendent


Trump Turnberry  |  Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland

“We have been extremely happy with the performance of our newly installed IC System. It allowed us the flexibility and control we needed during the renovation of the Ailsa course. Rain Bird’s reliable and consistent products give us peace of mind.”

—Allan Patterson, Golf Course & Estates Manager