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Athletic Field Success Stories

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From stadium turf to sprawling sports complexes, Rain Bird has been addressing the unique challenges of sports fields since 1933

Large/Complex Projects

Stade Toulousain Training Center

The artificial pitch is equipped with the new XLR Water Jet bringing Highly uniform distribution which effectively irrigate large areas without flooding or pooling in overwatered zones

Low Volume Irrigation

Schreiner University Men’s Soccer Field

Conversion of existing over-head rotor irrigation system to sub-surface drip irrigation at the Men’s/Women’s Soccer Field located at Schreiner University

Remote Solutions

Rio Grande FC Toros

The entire site, including landscaped areas in the parking lot and surrounding the stadium, use Rain Bird commercial and drip irrigation products

Remote Solutions

Australian Capital Territory Parkland and Sportsgrounds System

Leveraging Central Control to manage sprawling parks and sports fields

Large/Complex Projects

Barra Sports Park & Athletic Housing Complex

A world-class athletic housing complex relies on Rain Bird irrigation systems to meet unique requirements

Large/Complex Projects

World-Class Soccer Stadiums, 11 Locations, Brazil

Brazilian Soccer Stadiums Rely on Rain Bird Irrigation Systems

Arsenal training Ground
Tight Water Windows

Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club Leverages Technology to Achieve Intelligent Irrigation