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Rain Bird Valves-A Smarter Brand of Tough

Engineered to outperform the competition, Rain Bird® Valves are compact without sacrificing quality or durability. These industry leaders are versatile in a range of applications and are known for consistent, problem-free performance. And now, PGA and PEB/PESB Series Valves can be upgraded with Integrated Valve Module Smart Solenoids (IVM-SOL) to enable two-way communication between the valve and controller.

  • Engineered to Last

    A strong seal between the body and bonnet regulates pressure and is designed for a long life and durable performance.

  • The Right Valve, Every Time

    From the purest water source to the harshest commercial environment, you’ll get lasting confidence your system is performing.

  • Two-Way Communication

    Achieve a faster response time and catch issues early with real-time updates from the Smart Valve to the ESP-LXIVM Controller.

Residential Valves

HV/HVF Series

Best Performance for the Best Value

Help smaller residential projects stay on time and on budget with the HV/HVF Series.

  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • Patented diaphragm





DV/DVF Series

Industry Leader for 20+ Years

Chosen by more professionals than any other valve on the market, the DV/DVF Series is known worldwide for reliable consistency.

  • IVM-SOL compatible
  • For larger residential applications
  • Double-filtered pilot flow design
  • #1-seller for over two decades

Commercial Valves

PGA Series

The Toughest Valves in their class

Manage extreme temperatures, pressure changes and adverse water conditions with the PGA Series—the most dependable valves for smaller commercial applications.

  • Pre-installed IVM-SOL available
  • Filtered to resist debris and clogging
  • Surge-resistant seal and diaphragm
  • Slow closing to prevent water hammer





PE Series

Professional-Strength for Commercial Applications

Built to manage larger properties like campuses, athletic fields and hospitals, the PE Series can take on any non-potable or reclaimed water system.

  • Pre-installed IVM-SOL available
  • Durable glass-filled nylon construction
  • Innovative scrubber technology
  • Five-year trade warranty

Smart Valves

Pre-installed IVM-SOL

PGA, PEB/PESB, and EFB-CP Series now feature the revolutionary IVM-SOL to provide individual confirmation when each valve is working. Containing a powerful microchip, the IVM-SOL enables two-way communication between the controller and the valve, improving and simplyfing system diagnostics.

  • Lowers installation costs with 50% fewer splices
  • Advanced diagnostics with IQ Central Control
  • Sends advanced irrigation diagnostic reports

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See how the two-wire connection of Smart Valves pairs with the ESP-LXIVM Controller to enable time-saving, troubleshooting features.

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