Root Booster SLEEVE

Holds water exactly where plants need it – AT THE ROOTS.

Introducing Root Booster SLEEVE, the dripline covering that not only efficiently nourishes your plants, but also shields your dripline from external forces like animals, shovels, and soil compaction. Experience even greater water savings when the water from your dripline is stored directly at the roots, providing easy access for your plants while minimizing water loss from evaporation and over-saturation. Install your irrigation with Root Booster SLEEVE and witness the remarkable difference in plant health and water conservation. Pair with Root Booster NET to expand water distribution horizontally.


Water Stewardship
Assists with adapting to water restrictions in times of drought.  
Use of this product is an approach to respect water restrictions while maintaining the health of plants, trees, and turf. 
Reduces water consumption considerably by transporting water directly to the roots without evaporation.
Higher survival rate
Helps plants and trees through the establishment period.
Durability (use with PRO)
Durable material options are available for plants that need longer-term support, or for multi-seasonal reuse.
Time Savings
Retains moisture extending watering intervals, so you may water half as often.
Consistent volume
Holds moisture in containers without swelling out of the space.
Root friendly
Roots grow freely around the product.
Easy to install
Light weight makes for easy transport.
Root Booster SLEEVE may be used for any subsurface dripline application. Crafted from PRO, a durable non-woven material, it efficiently absorbs and evenly distributes water along the dripline.
Ideal for quickly draining soils and slopes,
Root Booster SLEEVE is lightweight and easy to install – simply insert the dripline into the sleeve and experience thriving results.


Package Size: 1 roll of 80 ft
Material: Available in PRO (Grey) 
Installation Information
To be installed subsurface. Insert the dripline into the Root Booster SLEEVE at the job site. A wide variety of subsurface dripline can be inserted into the Root Booster SLEEVE.


Thickness: 1.30 (in)  
Length: 960.6 (in)
Width: 2.52 (in)

Model Comparison

  • X21580: RBS-03-S-80 Root Booster Sleeve PRO 80ft