Root Booster NET

Focuses air and water below the surface so you don’t have to.

Introducing Root Booster NET, the underground distribution network for air and water that nourishes plants at the roots. When installed root-deep in the soil, or around the root ball of a tree it absorbs water into its structure and conducts it to the roots, like veins. A complement to your irrigation, the open design provides ample space for roots to establish and grow without any obstruction. Root Booster NET easily expands up to 5 times the original size to deliver water and air across large areas and can be cut to fit any project. Lightweight and effortless to install, Root Booster NET is the set-it-and-forget-it solution in any environment where you need consistent growth.


Water Stewardship
Assists with adapting to water restrictions in times of drought.
Use of this product is an approach to respect water restrictions while maintaining the health of plants, trees, and turf. 
Reduces water consumption considerably by transporting water directly to the roots without evaporation.
Higher survival rate
Helps plants and trees through the establishment period.
Environmentally conscious
With biodegradable and permanent options available
Time Savings
Retains moisture extending watering intervals, so you may water half as often.
Consistent volume
Holds moisture without swelling out of the space.
Root friendly
Roots grow freely around the product.
Easy to install
Light weight makes for easy transport.
Offered in a convenient roll format, Root Booster NET is perfect for use at or below root depth in sports fields, green roofs, lawns, trees and slopes.
Root Booster NET options include sizes that are pre-cut to fit around the root ball of the tree to direct surface water to the deepest roots and/or to lie horizontally directly underneath the root ball encouraging expansion of the root system.
Installing Root Booster NET is a breeze – simply unroll and adjust to suit your project requirements.
For additional moisture, mix the soil that covers NET with STRIPS.
Tree L and XL
i. Underground net that aerates and irrigates at the roots of the tree. 
ii. Directs surface water to the deepest roots encouraging expansion of the root system. 
iii. Sized to wrap around the root ball or to lie horizontally directly underneath the root ball.
Net 250, 500, 750
i. An underground supply and distribution net for air and water.
ii. Use at or below root depth on sports fields, green roofs, lawns, and slopes.
iii. Cut to desired size


Package Sizes
Tree L: 3 pack
Tree XL: 2 pack
Net 250: 1 roll
Net 500: 1 roll
Net 750: 1 roll
Available in BIO5 (White) and PRO (Grey)
Installation Information
For trees: Expand the net and wrap a suitably sized piece around the root ball of the tree to direct water & air from the surface directly to the roots. To optimally supply the deep root space, place another NET horizontally in the tree pit.
For horizontal installation: Pull NET apart to 4-5 times its width and place deep enough to lay below the roots, cover with soil and begin planting above the net.  May mix covering soil with STRIPS.  


Thickness (in)  x  Length (in) x Width (in)
Tree L: 2.36 (in) x 43.31 (in) x 13.19 (in)
Tree XL: 2.36 (in) x 78.74 (in) x 15.35 (in)
Net 250: 2.36 (in) x 669.29 (in) x 15.35 (in)
Net 500: 2.36 (in) x 669.29 (in) x 30.71 (in)
Net 750: 2.36 (in) x 669.29 (in) x 46.06 (in)

Model Comparison

  • X21550    RBS-02-N-TL    Root Booster Tree Net BIO5 L    Tree L    BIO5
  • X21551    RBS-02-N-TXL    Root Booster Tree Net BIO5 XL    Tree XL    BIO5
  • X21555    RBS-02-N-250    Root Booster Net BIO5 250    250    BIO5
  • X21556    RBS-02-N-500    Root Booster Net BIO5 500    500    BIO5
  • X21557    RBS-02-N-750    Root Booster Net BIO5 750    750    BIO5
  • X21560    RBS-03-N-TL    Root Booster Tree Net PRO L    Tree L    PRO
  • X21561    RBS-03-N-TXL    Root Booster Tree Net PRO XL    Tree XL    PRO
  • X21565    RBS-03-N-250    Root Booster Net PRO 250    250    PRO
  • X21566    RBS-03-N-500    Root Booster Net PRO 500    500    PRO
  • X21567    RBS-03-N-750    Root Booster Net PRO 750    750    PRO