MJ-Series Flow Sensor

For Use with the ESP-ME3 Modular Controller

Rain Bird combined our learnings from the FS-Series commercial flow sensors and ICWM water meters to design the highest value flow sensor on the market. The MJ-Series flow sensors allow for precise and accurate flow monitoring and makes it easy for homeowners to capitalize on the advantages of the advanced Flow Management functionality in the ESP-ME3 Controller.

When combined with the ESP-ME3 controller, homeowners can rest assured their system will automatically detect a leak and prevent excess water waste. When the LNK WiFi Module is also used, the user is given total control of their system and can monitor their usage:

  • Flo-Watch™: Flo-Watch constantly monitors for low flow and excess flow conditions caused by broken lines or heads, automatically quarantines and shuts down the problem area, and continues to irrigate non-affected areas. Saves water, saves plant material, and enables irrigation programs to continue and complete.
  • Learned Flow: The controller automatically learns station flow rates resulting in more accurate flow rates. The automatic collection prevents you from having to manually enter data from drawings, or physically visiting each valve to collect flow data and manually enter the information into the Rain Bird mobile app.


  • Higher value brass flow sensor compared to competitors.
  • Active management of irrigation when paired with the ESP-ME3 Controller.
  • The included brass NPT threaded unions allow for fast installation and removal.
  • Delivers precise accuracy with flow ranges from 1.2 gpm to 50 gpm.


  • Multi-Jet Totalizing Landscape Flow Sensor with analog register dial readout and wired connection for ESP-ME3 Controller.
  • Brass body and glass-filled nylon construction provide maximum protection against high pressure surges, physical damage, and corrosion.
  • Not to be used with an unfiltered water source containing potential debris (lakes, ponds, wells, or other unfiltered sources).
  • Exposing the Flow Sensor, full of water, to temperatures below freezing can lead to permanent damage. To winterize the meter, allow it to drain through a downstream drain valve.


Rain Bird MJ-Series Flow Sensor Suggested Operating Range (MJ100B)

Flow Sensor Table

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