Pedestals for Rain Bird Controllers

Provide extra protection for ESP-LX Series, ESP-MC, ESP-SAT, ESP-SITE, and CCU

Pedestal and controller cabinets can be used for indoor or outdoor installations of Rain Bird controllers. The LXMMPED kit includes a pedestal and a controller cabinet to be mounted on top of the pedestal. Please note that the cabinet can also be purchased as a standalone product (LXMM) and can be wall mounted if desired. Pedestals are not required for wall mounted cabinets


Metal pedestal for Rain Bird ESP-LX Series Controllers
Powder-coated steel or stainless steel option for additional protection from the elements
Includes all necessary mounting bolts, nuts, and washers
Includes all necessary mounting bolts, nuts and washers
Requires LXMM or LXMSS controller cabinet (sold separately)


Material: Powder-coated steel and stainless steel  
Field wiring connection: In controller
LXMM: 12 7⁄8" (32.7 cm) Height, 14½" (36.8 cm) Width,  7¾" (19.7 cm) Depth  
LXMMPED: 28" (71.1 cm) Height, 14¼" (36.2 cm) Width, 7¼" (18.4 cm) Depth      
LXMMSS: 12 7/8" (32.7 cm) Height, 14½" (36.8 cm) Width, 7¾" (19.7 cm) Depth  
LXMMSSPED: 28" (71.1 cm) Height, 14¼" (36.2 cm) Width, 7¼" (18.4 cm), Depth

Model Comparison

  • LXMM: Metal Cabinet for ESP-LX Series Controllers*  
  • LXMMPED: Metal Pedestal for ESP-LX Series Controllers*  
  • LXMMSS: Stainless Steel Metal Wall Mount Enclosure for ESP-LX Series Controllers    
  • LXMMSSPED: Stainless Steel Metal Pedestal for ESP-LX Series Controllers
  • * Note: Metal cabinets and pedestals are not standard on ESP-LX Series controllers and must be purchased separately. LXMMPED requires LXMM, and LXMMSSPED requires LXMSS
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