Channel Drain

Complete drainage systems for residential and commercial applications

For decades, Rain Bird has been finding new ways to use water more intelligently. We’re proud to introduce a few more: Rain Bird Channel Drain products.

Rain Bird Engineered Channel Drain Systems are designed with the Professional in mind. These 5” wide systems are available with the accessories you need, designed to save you time and money.

Ruggedly constructed and designed to work together, Rain Bird’s complete line of drainage products can help you efficiently manage water run-off and surface drainage for virtually any residential, commercial or municipal site. Put them in the ground. You’ll see why they’re worthy of the Rain Bird name.


Lattice Sidewall Anchors the Channel Drain into Concrete providing increased strength
Less concrete required vs. competitor products    
Manufactured from structurally foamed High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)    
UV stabilized recycled plastic to protect from sun degradation  
Snap-in design for grates that require no screws  
Ideal for sidewalks, driveways and patios    
Hold down feet to stop floatation during pouring of concrete  
Available in 1m lengths, plus a wide range of accessories
Channel Drains
Rain Bird Low Profile 5” Channel Drain is our in line drainage solution perfect for sidewalks, driveways and pool decks because it is lightweight, durable and UV stabilized. The hold down feet and pipe cut–outs make it simple to install.  
Rain Bird Standard 5" Channel Drain is the complete professional drainage system designed for sidewalks, driveways, and patios, with corners and tee sections. With a complete range of accessories, and our no-screws clip-in grate design, our product is designed to make life easy. 5" Channel Drains are 5 ton vehicle safe.  
Rain Bird 10" Industrial Drainage is ideal for light commercial traffic or heavy, slow moving vehicles and has a complete range of accessories. 10 ton vehicle safe.
Channel Drain In-Line Pits
In-Line pit looks like an extension of the channel drain for a clean, uniform appearance    
In-Line pit has 4 outlet options  
Outlets allow for quick and easy gluing of 4" PVC pipe
Channel Drain Corners and Tees
Corners and Tees perfect for left or right extensions  
Designed to fit full length or cut channel drain sections  
Flexibility to change flow direction
Channel Drain End Caps, End Outlets and Leaf Guards
End caps can be sealed using silicone    
Use End Caps at the highest point of the Rain Bird Channel  
Use End Outlets at the low points of the Rain Bird Channel  
Connect to the low end of the channel or to the end of the In-Line Pit when using the bottom outlets


DCD1MX5SS: ( 5" x 40" ) W x L  
DCD1MX4B: ( 5" x  40" ) W x L  
DCD1MX5G: ( 5" x  40" ) W x L  
DCD1MX5AR: ( 5" x  40" ) W x L  
DCD1MX10ST: ( 10" x  40" ) W x L

Model Comparison

Channel Drains

  • DCD1MX5SS: 5" Standard Channel Drain,1M Stainless Steel Grate   
  • DCD1MX4B: 5" Low Profile Straight Line Channel,1M, Black Heel Guard   
  • DCD1MX5G: 5" Standard Channel Drain,1M Gray Grate   
  • DCD1MX5AR: 5" Standard Channel Drain,1M Architectural Grate   
  • DCD1MX10ST: 10" Industrial Grade Channel Drain,1M Galvanized Steel Grate
  • Channel Drain In-Line Pits

  • DCDPIT5G: 5" Standard Channel Drain Pit, Gray Grate  
  • DCDPIT5SS: 5" Standard Channel Drain Pit, Stainless Steel Grate  
  • DCDPIT5AR: 5" Standard Channel Drain Pit, Architectural Grate  
  • DCDPIT10ST: 10" Industrial Grade Drain Pit, Galvanized Steel Grate
  • Channel Drain Corners and Tees

  • DCDCOR5AR: 5" Standard Channel Drain Corner, Architectural Grate  
  • DCDCOR10ST: 10" Industrial Grade Drain Corner, Galvanized Steel Grate
  • Channel Drain End Caps, End Outlets and Leaf Guards

  • DCDENDOUT5: 5" Standard Channel Drain Outlet  
  • DCDENDCAP4: 5" Low Profile Channel End Cap  
  • DCDENDCAP5: 5" Standard Channel Drain End Cap  
  • DCDLEAFGD4: 5" Low Profile Channel Drain Leaf Guard  
  • DCDLEAFGD5: 5" Standard Channel Drain Leaf Guard  
  • DCDENDCAP10: 10" Industrial Grade Channel Drain End Cap
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