Spotlight On Our Values: Customer Service

At Rain Bird, our customers’ success is our success. That’s why customer service and customer orientation are core values for our work. As a long-time industry leader, our customers trust us to understand their needs, provide innovative solutions, and support them as they use our products with everything from logistics to tech. Our focus on our clients has driven us to pursue creative, effective irrigation solutions since our founding in 1933.

Understanding Customer Needs

Each member of the Rain Bird team is committed to the success of our customers. We begin with working closely with clients to understand the unique needs of their businesses. Irrigation requirements can differ vastly across regions and between industries. Agricultural clients will have different needs from recreational facilities and homeowners, and no two clients, even in the same industry, will be exactly alike. 

The Rain Bird team researches the market to see what gaps need to be filled, listens closely to our clients to understand what tools they need to achieve their goals, and ensures that clients conserve time, money, and water as they do it. Rain Bird product managers and salespeople act as the “voice of the customer”, prioritizing customers’ needs from the day a product is conceived to the day it is sold. Rain Bird offers a broad range of irrigation products, and our team continues to develop new products and irrigation solutions in service of customer needs.

Providing Innovative Customer Solutions

Once we understand our customers’ requirements, we can provide tailored solutions to the irrigation challenges they face. Rain Bird engineers are always seeking ways to automate and streamline how our irrigation systems work to provide better outcomes for our customers. Our tech research team considers how new technologies are being employed in other industries and search for ways to incorporate them into our products. And our sales team guarantees that our customers understand what solutions are available to them and which are best suited to meeting their objectives. 

Rain Bird puts irrigation control directly in the hands of our customers. That might look like drip irrigation in the Western Municipal Water District of Southern California, the 420 SiteControl Central Control System stations used by the Denver Botanic Gardens, or one of our many other customer success stories. And we do it all without losing our focus on environmental stewardship and the Intelligent Use Of Water™. The Rain Bird team educates our customers not only on how to best use our products but also on water conservation so customers can make smart decisions about their water usage across their irrigation systems. The best customer solutions are both effective and efficient!

Helping Internal And External Customers

At the heart of our dedication to customer service is, of course, our Customer Service department. This team handles everything from entering orders and contacting customers to running reports and audits to administering pricing changes. At their core, they are the base of knowledge for the whole company. “We have a ton of knowledge and if we don’t know the answer, we can find a way to get it. We know who to go to. We know who to contact,” says Kathy Ground. “We’re known as being a resource.”


Kathy Ground is a Customer Service Manager in our Tucson office. She’s worked her way up through the customer service department since joining Rain Bird as a temp 16 years ago. This longevity isn’t unusual — her team has members who have been at Rain Bird from four years through over 20 years.

One thing that contributes to that longevity is Rain Bird’s dedication to our employees. “Rain Bird is always willing to invest in our growth as needed or where appropriate. It’s fantastic to know that we all have that support whenever we need it,” says Kathy.

Working at Rain Bird

From our sales and marketing team to our product managers, our team at Rain Bird is challenged every day to keep our customers at the center of their work. Interested in working closely with clients and coming up with innovative solutions? Check out what roles are currently open on our team and learn more about working at Rain Bird!

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