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The Rain Bird Sales and Marketing teams are dedicated to connecting with customers and finding the best solutions for their needs, as well as sharing how Rain Bird products can help users achieve their goals.

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What makes Rain Bird the industry leader?

Members of our sales organization earn the trust of our customer by providing solutions to transform how they service their customers. Each member of our team has the support, resources and decision making freedom they need to continually deliver extraordinary growth.

Our culture of trust, transparency and teamwork means we have fun delivering for our customers and giving back to our communities. 

What it's like to work at Rain Bird 



"I get to work with a lot of different people in different parts of the company from engineers to sales and marketing. Definitely, my co-workers are the highlight of my day. They are a very talented group of people. What keeps me at Rain Bird is the challenging work that I do. I really enjoy that because I never get bored. I'm always working on different projects. I never know what's going to come next. I like that it's intellectually stimulating and there are always opportunities to work on something new."

Carolyn Maloney
Channel Marketing Manager

Always on the Cutting Edge

Marketing at Rain Bird doesn't just mean creating brochures. It's learning what our customers want and crafting messages showcasing how we can help them achieve their goals. It means telling stories that reflect our global footprint without forgetting about the individual lives we touch every day. Our marketing team leverages the latest digital tools to help them support pipelines and grow brand awareness.


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