Helping Irrigation Professionals Take Control With New Software

Rain Bird is committed to helping irrigation professionals take control of the landscapes they manage, no matter how complex. Whether you work in city parks, corporate campuses, hotels, or golf courses, Rain Bird has the hardware and software you need.

Take Control With Rain Bird Products

Rain Bird makes water management easy with our Central Control platforms. Our most advanced system, the iQ4 platform, was introduced in 2020, and the team has continued to refine and optimize it. In the past year, the iQ4 product development team made over 70 enhancements to improve user experience, based on user feedback.

We consider the iQ4 platform to be the future of Central Control. “For years, our IQ Platform has been an ideal water management solution for HOAs, schools, parks and other sites that require flow sensing, have more than 22 stations, or require comprehensive water management across one or more controllers,” said Rick Malkin, Central Control product manager for Rain Bird. “Now with IQ4, we’re taking water management to the next level with full remote access, a modern user interface, streamlined navigation, and permission-based, tiered-user access.”

One of the key features of the iQ4 platform is iQ4-Cloud, a web-based app that allows for multi-user access from any web-enabled device. This means that users can adjust schedules or manually run programs while on-site, access reports from anywhere at any time, and manage all of their sites in one place. As with all Rain Bird products, iQ4 integrates with water use optimization tools like flow sensors and weather stations to ensure the Intelligent Use Of Water™.

Additionally, as part of our mission to make the work of irrigation professionals easier, we just released a new app called Rain Bird Resources, now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This app puts product details, specs, and technical support information right at users’ fingertips. Professionals can install and troubleshoot systems at the source without needing to carry around heavy books.

Work On Developing Rain Bird Products

We owe everything to our software engineers who developed these products. These great teams are working on creating new tools and improving existing programs. We invest in new product research, and our goal is to lead the irrigation industry with our technical developments.

Wondering what it’s like to work in Software Engineering at Rain Bird? It’s an environment where employees are constantly challenged to develop their own ideas and innovate. Rain Bird prides itself on hiring only the best, so everyone who works here knows that they’re surrounded by the smartest, most reliable coworkers. Collaboration is critical to success, and employees are encouraged to work within their department and cross-company to do the best job possible.

Rain Bird engineers are constantly pushing the envelope in tech, working with the most advanced systems. They’re especially making strides in the areas of automation and networking, utilizing the IoT — Internet of Things — to boost efficiency in both commercial and residential applications.

Do you want to be part of our growing team of engineers? Learn more about working at Rain Bird on our Careers site and search for available jobs now!

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