Career Spotlight: Product Manager

Rain Bird’s irrigation products and services are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. At Rain Bird, product managers center the customer throughout the entire process, from conception and development to marketing and sales. As one of our principal Product Managers, Ron, says, Product Managers are the “voice of the customer…communicating to the company what the market needs.”

Customer-Oriented and Mission-Driven

Being customer-oriented can be challenging when your customers live and work all over the globe and require irrigation support for everything from farms, golf courses, and sports arenas to commercial developments and homes. Product managers are “subject matter experts…sought out,” as Rick, a Marketing Manager at Rain Bird says, “by customers [and] by salespeople within Rain Bird.” To keep Rain Bird at the forefront of the industry, Rain Bird product managers research competitors, customers, and market trends to inform Rain Bird’s fast-paced decision-making and design and implementation of solutions for our global customers. 



Product Managers — like everyone at Rain Bird — also prioritize Rain Bird’s dedication to conservation and the intelligent use of water. As Rick says, “We are developing products and technologies that make a significant difference in improving landscapes while conserving water.” Product Managers help Rain Bird to deliver on our mission to be the global irrigation industry leader by providing quality products and services that promote the Intelligent Use Of Water for irrigation applications around the world. Product Managers work with their teammates to keep Rain Bird focused on what’s most important: customer needs and conservation.

Working Across Rain Bird to Deliver Innovative Results

Product Managers at Rain Bird connect with colleagues across the company in their work to deliver customer-centered products and services. As Tom, a Product Manager, says, “You manage everything from engineering efforts, marketing, sales, and new product development efforts, so it’s a different challenge every day.” 

They are leaders, strong communicators, and knowledgeable partners who work across channels to produce products and services that adhere to Rain Bird’s quality standards while also staying on budget and on schedule. Whether working with marketing to design collateral that shows customers how our products and services meet their needs or brainstorming with our Engineers about possible new technologies, Rain Bird Product Managers know that collaboration is key to success.

Also key? Creativity and openness to innovation and new possibilities. As Tom says, “My job basically is to play. I get to play with technology, I get to play with products from other industries, and figure out if that technology can be leveraged in our industry.” Rain Bird Product Managers are creative and proactive, always looking for new revenue streams and projecting ahead to understand how Rain Bird can fulfill customers’ evolving needs into the future.

Work at Rain Bird

If you work at Rain Bird, you will be surrounded by talented, self-motivated colleagues dedicated to creating great irrigation products and services while promoting the conservation of water. Rain Bird offers numerous opportunities for growth and advancement as well as great benefits at our Tucson, Arizona headquarters and around the globe.

Hear more from Ron, Tom, and other Rain Bird Product Managers about their work at Rain Bird and check out current openings for Product Managers.

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