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XLR Series Water Jets

The World's Most Advanced Long-Range Rotor

For many applications, the ability to quickly and efficiently water large areas with just a few long-range rotors can make a big impact on the bottom line. Saving water, time and money—that’s what the Rain Bird® XLR Series is all about. Built to the highest quality standards and loaded with industry‑leading water- and cost‑saving innovations, Rain Bird XLR Series Water Jets outperform and outlast competing long-range impact rotors.


World’s most advanced long throw rotor
Constant speed independent of operating pressure and flow rate
Water deflector distributes water uniformly for entire throw distance
Barrel and nozzle design optimized to maximize throw
Nozzle is 54% larger than competition
Innovative material selection maximize efficiency of movement
Full- and part-circle (20-340°) in one unit
Adjustable trajectory model provides ultimate in adaptability
Optional Jet-Breaker for improved distribution uniformity
9 nozzles options (sold separately)
Only 2 field serviceable components – built to last reliably
One-year trade warranty


Radius: 81 – 177 feet (25.6 – 57.3 m)
Pressure: 30 to 120 psi (2.1 to 8.3 bar)
Flow: 35 to 379 gpm (7.9 to 86.1 M3/h)
Inlet: 2” NPT, 2” BSP or 2” flange
Nozzle trajectory: 24° fixed, 44° fixed or adjustable (15° to 45°)
Optional Features:
Optional Jet-Breaker for improved distribution uniformity
Inlet adapter kits available in flange, NPT and BSP configurations to convert existing inlet

Model Comparison

XLR Water Jet Models:
IXLR24: 24° fixed trajectory with flange inlet
IXLR44: 44° fixed trajectory with flange inlet
IXLRADJ: Adjustable trajectory (15-45°) with flange inlet
XLR24NPT: 24° fixed trajectory with NPT inlet
XLRADJNPT: Adjustable trajectory (15-45°) with NPT inlet
XLR24BSP: 24° fixed trajectory with BSP inlet
XLRADJBSP: Adjustable trajectory (15-45°)with BSP inlet
Nozzles (sold separately):
XLRNOZ47: 0.47" (12 mm) nozzle
XLRNOZ55: 0.55" (14 mm) nozzle
XLRNOZ64: 0.63" (16 mm) nozzle
XLRNOZ71: 0.71" (18 mm) nozzle
XLRNOZ79: 0.79" (20 mm) nozzle
XLRNOZ87: 0.87" (22 mm) nozzle
XLRNOZ94: 0.94" (24 mm) nozzle
XLRNOZ102: 1.02" (26 mm) nozzle
XLRNOZ110: 1.10" (28 mm) nozzle