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National Public Gardens Day - Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to celebrating public gardens? The National Public Gardens Day™ initiative was created by Rain Bird® and the American Public Gardens Association to promote public awareness of gardens, gardening, plant and water conservation, and environmental issues and initiatives. Congress officially recognized the holiday in remarks on the U.S. Senate floor in 2010. It is celebrated annually on the Friday before Mother’s Day in May.

Public gardens around the country maintain collections of flowers, trees, and other plants for enjoyment by everyone. Spend some time walking around and observing the wide variety of plant life that grows in public gardens! These gardens also serve as research bases for horticulturists, botanists, and others to study plants, bees, and so much more.

In addition, public gardens have a shared mission with Rain Bird: to conserve water and use that resource effectively. Rain Bird is dedicated to The Intelligent Use of Water™ initiative and protecting the environment. We even provide our water-conserving irrigation equipment to local gardens in need to help them save money and save water. Proper water-saving irrigation also helps public gardens flourish.

Even though National Public Gardens Day is only observed once a year, you don’t have to limit your celebration of nature’s beauty — you can visit public gardens year-round. Those local to Rain Bird offices can check out the Tucson Botanical Gardens in Arizona or The Arboretum in Arcadia, California, near Azusa. But, you don’t have to be near Rain Bird to visit a public garden. Find one near you by checking the Gardens Map on the APGA website. You can even visit a garden right from home! Take a virtual tour of the United States Botanic Garden with 360-degree views.

Feel inspired by public gardens and want to start your own home garden? Discover our time- and water-saving Gardener’s Drip Kit. Drip irrigation is easy to install and use, and provides precise watering for all of your plants with low water use. Be sure to check out all of our Water Saving Tips for home gardens and lawns to keep your yard lush while conserving water, too.

To learn more about how Rain Bird can help public gardens thrive, check out the Site Report for the Denver Botanic Gardens!

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