Career Spotlight: Engineering

Rain Bird is known worldwide for our water-conserving irrigation systems. Want to have a hand in creating and developing those systems? Consider a career in engineering at Rain Bird!

Our irrigation systems include a large variety of individual products, like valves, pumps, and gears. We also develop software and WiFi for our smart devices. To accomplish this, we employ engineers in a variety of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, software, industrial, chemical, manufacturing, and more.

At Rain Bird, we rely on our engineers to create award-winning irrigation systems in ways that both benefit our customers and help the environment. To do this, Rain Bird engineers utilize some of the latest advances in technology and rapid prototyping.

One of the things that sets Rain Bird careers apart from other engineering opportunities is that our engineers get to participate in the whole process, not just one piece of it. Matt Prucinsky, Engineering Manager, explains: “As an engineer for a large automotive company or supplier, for example, chances are you're going to go work just on the brake pedal, or the seat, or the seatbelt. Here, we design injection-molded plastic parts. We design springs. We design machine parts. We design metal-formed parts. We have to marry up with electronics all the time.  Having the chance to work on design solutions for the product as a whole really stimulates your brain a lot more than being ‘the seatbelt guy.’ That can get boring pretty quick.”

At our Tucson, Arizona, location, engineers have access to their own product research center. There, they can take the products they’re working to develop or improve and actually test them out. They can validate their products throughout their life cycle and work in real-time to make improvements and changes. This hands-on experience sets Rain Bird apart.

Another proud Rain Bird employee is Kenny Phong, a Senior Product Engineer. He works in the research and development group, so he is constantly trying new things to make the best products for our consumers. “We engineers are really hands-on, so we do most of the prototyping ourselves,” explains Kenny.

Kenny also appreciates all of his career opportunities at Rain Bird. “My focus really is to be with a company that is growing, like Rain Bird, which means there are a lot of opportunities for the employees to grow as well.”

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