Materials and Distribution

Materials and Distribution employees are at the backbone of the supply chain, ensuring that designs become products, and those products get where they belong. From sourcing raw materials to distributing final products, these employees are essential to Rain Bird’s function.

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Our supply chain starts with you.

Rain Bird creates products every day that touch people's lives across the globe. All of those products started out as just plastic and steel.

As a member of our Materials and Distribution team, you'll make sure those raw materials get where they need to be, when they need to be there. You'll be the first step in turning years of research into the products that our customers rely on. 

What it's like to work at Rain Bird


"My work group handles the balance between supply and demand for Rain Bird Corp’s Extrusion Division. Our individual contributions have a large impact on the overall organization. One of the things I most appreciate about Rain Bird is the career path opportunities, and all the company has invested in me. Rain Bird is a company that really values people."

Photo of employee, Gregoria Castaneda
Gregorio Castaneda
Materials Manager

You can make a Real Difference

At Rain Bird, each employee keeps us moving forward. By answering difficult questions, and equally importantly, by asking new questions we haven’t yet thought to ask. Join our global team and help us, as one employee put it: "bring food, beauty, and recreation to peoples’ lives!" 


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