Manufacturing and Quality

Rain Bird is dedicated to developing the best irrigation systems that use water intelligently, and we rely on our Manufacturing and Quality teams to make sure that’s the case. These teams are hands-on with our products to guarantee success.

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We build products that change lives.

Do you like making things that have a positive impact on the lives of people around the globe? At Rain Bird, you'll do that every day - creating products that allow irrigation professionals to use water more wisely and responsibly.

You'll do this in state of the art facilities that were built with safety in mind. Our modern environments are stocked with the latest technologies and equipment to allow you to be as successful as possible. 

What it's like to work at Rain Bird


"Quality at Rain Bird is the foundation that everything drives from. It’s ensuring our products are designed and manufactured meeting the requirements and never be satisfied."

Photo of employee, Tom Chezem.
Tom Chezem
Engineering Manager

You can make a Real Difference

At Rain Bird, each employee keeps us moving forward. By answering difficult questions, and equally importantly, by asking new questions we haven’t yet thought to ask. Join our global team and help us, as one employee put it: "bring food, beauty, and recreation to peoples’ lives!" 


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