A Full-Featured Central Control System for Single Site Applications

SiteControl is an easy to use, interactive central control system for single contiguous site applications. It allows the user you to control the sites irrigation system with more precision than ever before.

SiteControl can interface with Satellite Controllers, via a variety of wired or wireless communication options, or Two-Wire Decoders, or combination of each. SiteControl incorporates an interactive map interface that displays real-time irrigation activity for ultimate control and monitoring of the system

With state-of-the-art ET-based scheduling, customized site graphics, multiple mapping options, and the ability to “see” the placement and operation of individual rotors, SiteControl makes controlling your sites irrigation system fast and intuitive.


  • Advanced Graphical Tracking - Maps generated by GPS technology or AutoCAD recreate your site. Interactive mapping and on-screen graphics show your complete site with location of individual valves and sprinklers allows you to measure and calculate areas from your map
  • Smart Weather™ is designed to take complete advantage of Rain Bird’s most advanced line of weather stations, tracks ET and rainfall via a weather station and reacts to current weather conditions based on user-defined options. Advanced warning system accepts user-defined sensor thresholds. System operator is immediately alerted if thresholds are exceeded
  • RainWatch™ uses tipping bucket rain can(s) to detect and suspend irrigation while measuring rainfall. When rain stops, irrigation resumes with run times reduced according to measured rain
  • Minimum ET- allows setting minimum ET threshold values for irrigation to take place. Promotes deep watering for optimum turf conditions
  • Automatic ET automatically adjust run times in relation to fluctuations in Evapotranspiration (ET) values
  • Each Large Decoder Interfaces (LDI) is capable of operating up to 500 decoder addresses
  • Hybrid System operates Satellite Controllers and/or Two-Wire Decoders

Superior Monitoring and Scheduling

  • Flo-Graph™ allows visibility of real-time graphics with individual station information presented in colorful charts
  • Flo-Manager™ balances system demands and maximum capacities with efficiency helping to lower water demand, reduce system wear and tear and save energy
  • Cycle + Soak™. Better control the application of water on slopes and in areas with poor drainage
  • QuickIRR™ Quick and easy method to build irrigation schedules and programs based on your parameters



  • SCON: Desktop PC with SiteControl software, includes 1 year Global Support Plan (GSP)

Software Module Options


  • MI (Mobile Interface)

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