Faucet Connection Kit

The Faucet Connection Kit easily attaches to any outdoor faucet. Can also be used to connect to a garden hose. Pressure regulator and mesh filter help to ensure proper operation of the system.

Each Kit Contains:

  • Backflow preventer
  • 25 psi pressure regulator
  • 150 mesh filter



  1. To automate your system, add a hose-end timer. Place it between the backflow preventer and psi regulator.
  2. If more than one tubing zone is being served by the faucet, add a Y connection to the faucet.
  3. If system is not working properly, first check 150 mesh filter to make sure it is not clogged with dirt.

TIP: Minimum operating pressure for a drip system is 15 psi, maximum is 25-30 psi. The Faucet Connection Kit (FC-KIT) and Riser Connection Kit each contain a 25-30 psi regulator to reduce higher pressures. These connection kits also incorporate a 150-200 mesh filter to protect the tubing emitters.

CAUTION: Not using the pressure regulator and filter may damage your system.

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