ClimateMinder Professional Monitoring

ClimateMinder Professional Monitoring provides growers the most in-depth look at their field conditions.  Access to real-time customizable data, anytime, anywhere.

ClimateMinder Professional Monitoring; a powerful customizable tool to answer grower's toughest irrigation questions:

  • How much water is the crop using?
  • Is the irrigation schedule effective?
  • Is the crop healthy?
  • Have the plants had enough chill hours or growing days to maximize yield?
  • What is the current climate and does action need to be taken to protect the crop?
  • Where is the information that is needed for Regulatory Reporting?


  • Powerful interface with indicators and customizable charts that quickly relay information needed to make irrigation and crop health choices 
  • Track soil moisture with sensors at multiple depths for irrigation and infiltration analysis
  • Watch water movement throughout the soil moisture profile to make sure irrigation reaches the root zone 
  • Temperature, humidity, wind, and rain data to look at micro-climate field level ET calculations
  • Frost or other critical field condition alerts sent by phone, text, or email
  • Disease and pest modeling for numerous crops
  • Monitor key crop indicators during critical growing times including chill and heat hours
  • Monitor and alert on irrigation status, line pressure, filters, and other critical irrigation systems
  • Weekly, monthly, and annual applied water and flow reporting


  • Increase crop yield and quality
  • Reduce plant stress
  • Stop leaching fertilizer
  • Respond instantly to frost events
  • Real-time flow and pressure information
  • Disease and pest modeling
  • Easy regulatory reporting
  • Field information always available


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