22SA Mini Rotor Sprinklers

Multi-Stream Rotary Sprinklers

  • Multiple rotating streams distribute water uniformly
  • Extended throw up to 24 ft. covers more area with fewer sprinklers
  • Nozzle and screen are easily removed for flushing
  • Pressure-activated wiper seal protects mechanism from creeping grasses and sandy soil
  • Reduces water use up to 30% over pop-up sprinklers
  • Slow distribution rate of 0.6 inches per hour is ideal for newly seeded areas, slopes and hillsides
  • Multiple rotating streams resist windblown over spray
  • A protected closed-case design that makes it ideal for "creeping" grasses, sandy soil, and other harsh surroundings
  • Engineered to operate at lower pressure while still delivering precise, even coverage


The Rain Bird 22SA-RVAN mini rotor combines watering efficiency with the accuracy and simplicity of 45° to 270° pattern adjustment by hand, with no tools required. This versatile sprinkler allows you to apply multi-stream, water-saving coverage in more areas of your lawn – in narrow or wide corners, along curved walkways, even in outside corners.

Available in fixed full-, half-, or quarter-circle patterns, and also in a hand-adjustable version. In operation, the sprinkler produces remarkably low precipitation rates of 0.6 in. per hour, reducing water use up to 30%. The secret is in the nozzle's rotary multi-stream action. The water delivery is gentle enough for newly seeded areas and hillsides, yet covers more area than standard pop-up sprays. The nozzle's water droplets are also larger than traditional pop-up spray droplets, resisting windblown overspray. If you are planning a new irrigation system, this sprinkler's extended throw up to 24 ft. allows you to use fewer heads per zone to reduce system complexity.


  • 4" pop-up height
  • ½"-inlet
  • Spray distance: 17-24 feet

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