Water-Saving Tips For Smart Irrigation Month

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July is Smart Irrigation Month! Rain Bird is dedicated to developing water-efficient irrigation systems all year round, but we especially recognize the importance of these systems in the summertime. July is typically the month that sees the most demand for water use with the rising temperatures and long days, and using water intelligently is vital.

Tips For The Intelligent Use Of Water

Smart Irrigation Month is a great time to ensure your irrigation systems are performing at their most efficient. Here are some of the best ways to irrigate smartly this month and always.

Use A Smart Controller

Rain Bird specializes in developing next-generation irrigation system controllers for homeowners, property managers, golf course owners, and more. From our award-winning high-capacity ESP-LXIVM controller to our residential ESP-Me series, Rain Bird offers distinctive, user-friendly ways to manage your irrigation systems. Not only can you create and run programs for several stations, but you can also connect the controllers to the internet for automatic weather monitoring and live adjustments.

Manage Your System With The Rain Bird App

For easy, anytime management, download the Rain Bird app for iOS and Android. Whether you are away on vacation, manage a rental property, or just don’t want to leave the couch, you can edit programs, set up schedules, and more right from your phone. Link controllers from multiple locations and monitor them all from one place. The Rain Bird app makes it simple to adjust watering schedules based on weather conditions, so you can irrigate intelligently.

Utilize Weather Stations And Rain Sensors

Take your weather adjustments to the next level with rain sensors and weather stations from Rain Bird. These tools connect right into your irrigation system to automatically change your watering schedules based on weather. The WR2 & WR2-48 Series Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensors can help you save up to 35% on water usage by pausing watering during rainfall and for the next 48 hours.


Golf courses can use Rain Bird’s weather stations to optimize water flow and water efficiently. These tools made adjustments to your course’s irrigation schedule based on rainfall, winds, and high or low temperatures. This ensures your greens stay lush, but not overwatered — and help conserve water with these smart adjustments.

Water During Cooler Parts Of The Day

Did you know that, if you run your sprinklers in the heat of the day, you can lose up to 30% of your water due to evaporation? Save water and money by watering when the sun is low and the winds are calm. The best times to run your sprinkler system are in the early morning, late afternoon, or evening.

Use A Drip Irrigation System When Possible

Watering flowers, shrubs, and gardens? It will be much more efficient when you use a drip irrigation system as opposed to a sprinkler. Drip irrigation waters at the soil level, minimizing water loss due to evaporation. The Rain Bird Drip Watering Kit is easy to install and use. The result will be a lower water bill and healthier plants!

Audit Your System

To ensure your irrigation system is operating at its peak, you should regularly have it audited. Have a certified professional come to your property and check your system for leaks and clogs, review your setup, and make sure everything is running efficiently.

Find More Water-Saving Tips

Looking for even more ways to save water and money this summer? Check out our blog for more advice on how to use water intelligently. Be sure to share this article with friends and family! This Smart Irrigation Month, commit to saving water where you can and encouraging others to do the same.

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