Landscape Management Includes Rain Bird Product Managers

On April 25, Arianne Williams and Gracie Duarte, both product managers at Rain Bird, were featured in Landscape Management article on the best nozzles and sprinkler heads and how to identify potential errors in irrigation installation.

“Dry or yellowing patches of grass in between heads or unusually green or soggy spots indicate that some areas are getting too little or too much water,” Gracie said in the article. “Another telltale sign can be patches of mold, mildew, fungus or water pooling in caused by overirrigating.”

Arianne is a product manager in the Commercial SBU, with a specialization in commercial sprays, and Gracie is a product manager in the Contractor SBU, with a specialization in sprays, rotors, and R-Van rotary nozzles.

Prior to working for Rain Bird, Arianne worked for BASF Corporation and Stanley Black and Decker. She received her bachelor's degree at Appalachian State University and joined Rain Bird in late 2022. Gracie holds a MBA and bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona. Prior to working for Rain Bird, she worked for Becton Dickinson. She joined Rain Bird in 2022.

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