Conserving Water with Pressure-Regulating Spray Heads

Rain Bird products and services empower our clients to customize their landscape irrigation systems to suit their unique requirements. The Rain Bird team has extensive knowledge of what our customers are looking for in their products, from what features and technology will serve them best to what laws and regulations their irrigation systems must comply with.

Like all our products, Rain Bird’s Pressure-Regulating Stems (PRS) and Spray Heads are designed to keep our customers’ landscapes watered to their specifications, guaranteeing optimal performance without water waste. It’s all part of Rain Bird’s philosophy around The Intelligent Use of Water and our dedication to effective and innovative irrigation options for our customers.

PRS Spray Heads Reduce Water Waste

Irrigation systems use spray heads to deliver water across an irrigation zone. But when a system has high water pressure, water can take the form of mist or fog, leading to water waste and inconsistent watering. Non-PRS spray heads may experience variable pressure and inconsistent flow rates across an irrigation zone, reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. 

rainbird PRS sprinkler

Rain Bird’s PRS Spray Heads use flow-optimizer technology with built-in pressure regulators to reduce excess water pressure and manage nozzle water flow so that every drop of water is used efficiently across the entire irrigation zone. PRS Spray Heads provide appropriate coverage to your landscape while reducing your water bill. Learn more about Rain Bird’s PRS Spray Heads and see them in action in this video. 

As of January 22, 2022, the states of Vermont, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, and Massachusetts mandate that all spray sprinkler bodies sold into these states require pressure-regulating stems (PRS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense certification. Washington, DC, will follow suit in March 2022, and Maine and Rhode Island will do the same in 2023.

WaterSense and Rain Bird’s Commitment to Sustainability

WaterSense is a voluntary partnership between the EPA and manufacturers like Rain Bird, irrigation product retailers, homebuilders, and end-users such as irrigation professionals, to ensure water conservation is a priority across the industry. To bear the WaterSense label, products must be 20% more efficient than the average product in their category and achieve that efficiency using a number of technology options while showing measurable water savings and realizing those savings on a national level. Their achievements are verified by independent, third-party certification.   

Rain Bird is proud to partner with the EPA and WaterSense as part of our commitment to sustainability, and we recently announced our intent to achieve this certification for Rain Bird products for every category in which it is available. Whether you live in one of the states where PRS Spray Heads are required, or you’re simply as committed to The Intelligent Use of Water as we are, you will find what you need to meet your own sustainability goals among Rain Bird’s WaterSense products and all of our conservation-conscious products and services.

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