Rain Bird Introduces Alexa Enabled Controllers, Gives Users Voice-Activated Irrigation System Control

Wed, 02/14/2018 - 23:12

TUCSON, AZ (Feb. 14, 2018) — Users of Rain Bird controllers featuring the company's LNK™ WiFi Module can now "talk" to their irrigation systems, thanks to Amazon's popular voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa.

"Enabling Alexa opens up a whole new world for customers using our WiFi-enabled controllers," said Nick Kelsch, senior product manager for Rain Bird controllers. "Now, they can manage their irrigation systems with simple verbal commands. And with over 180 commands and inquiries available, Rain Bird is leading the industry in terms of what you can ask of your irrigation controller."

In the US & Canada, Alexa commands can now be used with Rain Bird's professional series controllers, the ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me, when outfitted with a LNK WiFi Module as well as with ST8-WIFI controllers offered through retail channels.  International availability is being planned for a future release. After installing the free Rain Bird App on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, new users simply need to enable Amazon Alexa within the Rain Bird App settings, and log into their Amazon Alexa account to enable the new Rain Bird Skill.

The Rain Bird App allows users to give watering programs and zones unique names of their own choosing. They can also request local weather forecasts and manage their rain sensor. "Personalization is key for us, which is why we wanted to ensure that we can provide both custom program and zone names that mean something to our customers," said Randy Montgomery, Rain Bird Engineering Manager.  "Saying, 'Ask Rain Bird to water the front yard' is much more intuitive than saying, 'Ask Rain Bird to water Zone 4.'"

With Alexa, help is also just a quick question away. Users can ask Alexa how to start managing their Rain Bird irrigation system, to list available commands, to list their property's irrigation zones or watering schedules, to inquire on watering time remaining, or to ask about the status of current seasonal watering adjustments.

"Rain Bird's WiFi controllers are backed by an extensive contractor network; easy-to-install, proven, high-quality hardware; and a simple, intuitive mobile app," Kelsch said. "Those are advantages you simply can't get elsewhere. And now, with Alexa voice control, we're offering property owners yet another way to easily and efficiently manage their irrigation systems."

To learn more about Rain Bird's complete line of irrigation system components, visit www.rainbird.com, contact your nearest distributor or contractor, or call 1-800-RAIN BIRD.

(VIDEO) Rain Bird introduces Alexa Enabled Controllers: youtu.be/NB6FCcmzYY0
(VIDEO) How to Enable Alexa on your Rain Bird WiFi Controller: youtu.be/-3Bknksfyn8
(WEBSITE) Rain Bird Alexa Support Page: wifi-pro.rainbird.com/Alexa


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