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Golf courses have very specific irrigation needs. Greens must be accurately watered to remain firm and playable. Sands must stay dry and packed. Tee areas have different needs than fairways, and variations in terrain and soil types create additional challenges. With a Rain Bird system, course managers can precisely manage all aspects of their irrigation to improve water and energy efficiency while creating exceptional course conditions.

Rain Bird irrigation systems are trusted by some of the top golf courses in the world, including Pebble Beach Golf Links, home to many championship tournaments including an annual stop on the PGA Tour, and Winged Foot Golf Club, host of the 2020 US Open. These courses recognize the importance of having a reliable, top-quality irrigation system, so they put their trust in Rain Bird. For an interesting case study, read about how Rain Bird has helped Hankley Common Golf Club in the United Kingdom maintain its course, even in drought conditions, by using water efficiently and effectively.

The Intelligent Use of Water™

Rain Bird’s guiding philosophy is The Intelligent Use of Water. We are committed to conserving this precious resource and integrating that idea into our products. Our systems are water-efficient and easy to use. It’s simple to edit or pause programs when the course doesn’t require watering. You can also integrate a Weather Station to optimize water flow for changes in temperature and rainfall. Rain Bird Rotors have an exclusive closed-case design that reuses water instead of dumping it outside of the case, promoting water conservation and reducing oversaturation of the course.

The TRUE Benefits™ of a Rain Bird System

Rain Bird offers four key benefits when using a Rain Bird system. First, Timeless Compatibility™ means that your system can be updated to the latest technology without obsoleting your current equipment. New software and software updates work with in-ground components, including satellites, decoders, and rotors. New Rain Bird Golf Rotors and parts are compatible with every Rain Bird EAGLE® rotor manufactured since 1992.

Next, Rain Bird systems offer Real-Time Response. The Rain Bird IC System™ with IC CONNECT™ gives you total course management, enabling two-way communication with every rotor and valve on your course. Check the status, run programs, and start individual sprinklers in seconds with the IC System.

The third is Unmatched Quality. Rain Bird is proud to deliver industry-leading quality products. Rigorous testing is done regularly on every product to ensure they meet the needs of all users for years to come. We also offer an up to 5-year warranty on most products in case of failure. Rain Bird has focused solely on irrigation for 85 years and is a leading expert in the industry.

Finally, Rain Bird products are Easy To Use. Our Central Control System is intuitive, easy to learn, and accessible anywhere when paired with our MI Series™ Mobile Controller. Rain Bird Rotors allow you to handle simple arc adjustments with the just the turn of a screw, and Memory Arc™ retains two settings so you can easily shift between full and part-circle operation in seconds.

Rain Bird Central Control and IC Systems

Golf course managers and superintendents can automate and streamline their Rain Bird irrigation systems with Rain Bird’s Central Control Systems. These systems automatically gather data and optimize performance while allowing users to make their own changes and decisions. Central Control systems manage the efficient use of water with weather monitoring and real-time stats on your course. Our most advanced system is Cirrus™, which is packed with innovative and user-friendly features that allow you to run unlimited programs across up to 3 courses, all from one computer.

The Rain Bird IC System connects the Central Control directly to every rotor and valve. The simplified design eliminates the need for satellites or separate decoders for more reliable operation and easy expandability. It’s easy to add components along the MAXI™ Cable and connect accessories with IC CONNECT™ input and output devices.

 For on-the-course management, the MI Series™ Mobile Controller allows you to access the Central Control from your mobile device. Up to 9 users can run programs, review system activity, and change settings remotely. If you’re out on the green and notice an area that could use a little more water or an area that’s getting too damp, you can make changes in minutes right on your phone.

Engineering Careers at Rain Bird

Does thinking about developing widespread irrigation systems intrigue you? Consider a job in engineering at Rain Bird. Engineers are the core of Rain Bird, creating the products and optimizing them for a greater user experience. They are constantly working with the latest technological advances, including finite element modelling, flow simulation software, and CT scanning, to push the envelope and make the best products possible. Engineers at the Arizona office have access to a product research center, giving them the opportunity to experiment with and validate their own designs.

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