UT-1 Replacement Transformer for Rain Bird SST Timers

Residential Installation (Indoor use only). Replacement for transformers with output of 650mA or less. The transformer is compatible with these Rain Bird timer models:

  • SST Indoor: SST-400i, SST-600i, SST-900i

Rain Bird timer models other than SST Indoor may require additional tools and expertise in order to use this replacement transformer. Any of the timer models listed below could require steps #2 or #3 in the replacement instructions. If there is any doubt about the use of this product please consult a professional electrician.

  • STPi Indoor: STP4i, STP6i, STP9i
  • E-Class: E4, E6, E9
  • ISB-409
  • ISA-304, ISA-406, ISA-408
  • PC-306, PC-406, PC-406ps, PC-504, PC-506

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