Ultrasonic Series Flow Sensors

Compatible with IQ3, IQ4, Maxicom, SiteControl, LINK, Site SAT, ESP- LXD, LXME2 PRO, LXMEF, ESP-ME3 and LX-IVM Controllers

The winner of the Irrigation Association 2022 New Product Contest, Rain Bird's Ultrasonic Flow Sensors (UFS) represent the best in flow sensing technology for irrigation, sending flow data to central control or stand-alone controller systems for precise and accurate flow monitoring. 

The Ultrasonic Flow Sensors use ultrasonic waves to sense flow rate, as opposed to the impeller (paddle wheel) design of traditional flow sensors. This enables the Ultrasonic Flow Sensors to read a wider flow range, eliminates the typical straight-pipe requirements of standard flow sensors, and allows the sensor to remain installed during winterization with pressurized air blowout.

Rain Bird flow sensors enable you to capitalize on the advantages of Flow Management functionality from controllers and central control. Use Rain Bird Flow Sensors with Rain Bird Maxicom², SiteControl and IQ central control applications, or in standalone systems using Rain Bird ESP-LXIVM, ESP-LXIVM PRO, ESP-LXD, ESP-LXME2 PRO and ESP-LXMEF controllers.

Ultrasonic Flow Sensors are available with NPT threading for easy installation. 

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Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Benefits
No straight-pipe requirement!  Place immediately after a bend or valve, even in the same valve box  (Jumbo size valve box recommended for easiest fit)
Read very low and high flow, all in one sensor
No moving parts for greater reliability and allowing blowout for winterization with the sensor installed
Pressure rated to 200 PSI and an operating temperature of 32 - 150 degrees Fahrenheit
On-board LED Lights indicating power, full pipe status, relative forward flow rate, and reverse flow
Simple setup at the controller with a standard K and Offset value for wide compatibility
Flow Sensors Enable Key LX Series Controller Features
Flo-Watch™. Flo-Watch constantly monitors for low flow and excess flow conditions caused by broken lines or heads, automatically quarantines and shuts down the problem area, and continues to irrigate non-affected areas. Saves water, saves plant material, and enables irrigation programs to continue and complete
Learned Flow. The controller automatically learns station flow rates resulting in more accurate flow rates. The automatic collection prevents you from having to manually enter data from drawings, or physically visiting each valve to collect flow data and manually entering the data into a controller
FloManager®. FloManager determines the optimal station irrigating sequence. The system runs at its fullest capacity until programs are complete. The controller automatically selects and runs multiple valves at the same time within hydraulic parameters, allowing for shorter water windows
Using With Transmitters and Pulse Decoders
Programmable from a computer (PT322 and PT5002 – Maxicom and SiteControl Systems only – not required for ESP-LXMEF or ESP-LXD)
Reliable solid-state design, available with or without LCD display (PT322 only)
Operates with MAXILink,™ and (hard-wire) two-wire satellite systems
Easy-to-program, menu-driven design
Mounted in optional NEMA enclosure (PT5002 only)


Flow Range
UFS100: 0.3 - 50GPM
UFS150: 0.5 - 110GPM
UFS200: 1.0 - 200GPM
Sensor Attributes
Accuracy: +- 2% (non-variable, across full flow range)
Velocity: 2-20 Feet (0.6-6.1 meters) per second depending on model and system specifications
Pressure: 200 PSI Working Pressure  
Temperature: 32° - 150° F (0° - °65 C)Working Temperature
For ESP-LXIVM 2-Wire Systems: the Flow Sensor is installed with a 2-Wire Sensor Device (LXIVMSEN)
For ESP-LXD Decoder Systems: the Flow Sensor is installed with a Two-Wire Decoder Sensor Decoder (SD211TURF) (Previously SD210TURF)
For ESP-LXMEF Systems: the Flow Sensor is attached to the FSM-LXME Flow Smart Module
For ESP-LXME2 PRO Systems: the Flow Sensor is attached to the Pro Smart Module Flow +/- terminals
For (Hard Wire) Two-Wire Satellite Systems (Maxicom²® and SiteControl): the Flow Sensor is installed with a Pulse Transmitter and a Rain Bird Pulse Decoder (DECPULLR)
For Link Radio Satellite Systems (Maxicom² and SiteControl): the Flow Sensor is installed with a Pulse Transmitter (no pulse decoder required)
For ESP-SITE Satellite Systems (Maxicom): the Flow Sensor is installed with a Pulse Transmitter (no decoder required)
For SiteControl Decoder Systems: the Flow Sensor is installed with a Two-Wire Decoder Sensor Decoder (SD211TURF) (Previously SD210TURF)
*Surge protection (FSSURGEKIT) is recommended for Maxicom and SiteControl systems – One at the Pulse Transmitter, and if more than 50’ of wire run, one at the Flow Sensor. FSSURGEKIT is not compatible with ESP-LXMEF and ESP-LXD Controllers


UFS200 - 10 1/2” x 4 3/4” H = 3 7/8” (267mm x 121mm x 98mm)
UFS150 - 101/2” x 4 3/4” H = 4 3/8” (267mm x 121mm x 111mm)
UFS100 - 101/2” x 4 3/4” H = 4 7/8” (267mm x 121mm x 124mm)

Model Comparison

  • UFS100: 1in Ultrasonic Flow sensor
  • UFS150: 1.5in Ultrasonic Flow sensor
  • UFS200: 2in Ultrasonic Flow sensor
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