ST8I WiFi Smart Irrigation Timer - International

Smart Watering Made Simple

The Rain Bird ST8I Indoor Smart Controller puts control of your sprinkler system in the palm of your hand. Easy to set up, this 8-zone timer with Wi-Fi allows you to use your tablet or mobile device to set, monitor and make changes, even when you are away from the home. Plus, the manual timer interface allows for visual confirmation of schedule, as well as custom programming when a mobile device is not available. The timer has a variety of advanced water management features, including zone-based programming, as well as customizable watering schedules to run automatically at specific times, days and durations, ensuring a healthy, beautiful landscape. Plus, with Automatic Seasonal Adjust enabled, the controller's daily watering schedule changes based on the season, your local weather, temperature and humidity resulting in significant water savings.

  • Easy to Use – Rain Bird App allows access to timer functions from anywhere in the world
  • Always Connected – Exclusive 3-way control allows connection from a mobile device to the timer through a Wi-Fi network, direct from a mobile device to the timer when in range, or through the timer front panel
  • Smarter Watering – Automatic Seasonal Adjust can change the controller’s daily watering schedule according to the season, local weather, temperature, and humidity
  • Fully Customizable – Every watering zone schedule can be set with a different name, picture, frequency, start time, and run time to ensure your plants are healthy and you have a lower water bill
  • Notification Alerts – Stay in touch with what’s happening in your yard, even when you’re away from home, with alerts for watering events, freeze warnings, or when watering has been delayed
  • Watering Delay – Suspend watering from 1 to 14 days; programming resumes automatically once delay has ended
  • Smart Home Platforms – Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (English-speaking markets only)
  • Includes controller, transformer with 1.8 m (6 ft.) power cord, mounting hardware and installation guide


App Features:

  • Use your mobile device to set, monitor and adjust schedules from anywhere
  • Intuitive and secure setup
  • Multiple manual watering modes made easy in the palm of your hand
  • View upcoming watering schedules at a glance
  • Use forecasted rain to delay watering, even without the use of a rain sensor
  • Automatic seasonal adjust changes daily watering to match the season, local weather, temperature and humidity
  • Manually activate watering delay up to 14 days
  • Optional notifications provide alerts for watering events, freeze warnings, shorted solenoids and more
  • Monthly water reporting for maximizing efficiency
  • Convenient and safe access sharing for a specified time period
  • Ability to control your sprinkler system when connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (English-speaking markets only)
  • Available for Apple iOS and Android devices

Controller Features:

  • Control up to eight zones
  • Manual interface at timer
  • Cross head screw terminals for secure wire connections, regardless of wire gauge
  • Rain/freeze sensor, master valve and pump start relay circuits
  • Non-volatile memory permanently saves the current programming
  • Preinstalled six-foot power cord
  • 2 x AAA batteries for time and date backup (included)

Scheduling Features:

  • Zone-based scheduling allows for run times, start times and watering days to be fully customizable by zone
  • Six independent start times per zone
  • Program day cycles: Odd (days of week), even (days of week), custom or cyclic (specific intervals)



  • Station timing: 0 to 199 min
  • Seasonal Adjust; -90% to +100%
  • Independent schedule per zone
  • Six Start Times per zone
  • Program day cycles include custom (days of week), odd (days of week), even (days of week) or cyclic (specific intervals) 
  • Manual watering: Single or all zones
  • Manual watering delay: Up to 14 days


  • Input: 230 VAC, 50Hz, 0.1A
  • Output: 24 VAC, 50Hz, 0.65A
  • Power back-up: 2 x AAA batteries maintain time and date, while non-volatile memory maintains the programming


  • CE (European Union)
  • NRCS (South Africa)
  • SABS (South Africa)

Product Dimensions: 

  • Width: 15,9 cm (6.25 in.)
  • Height: 15,9 cm (6.25 in.)
  • Depth: 3,9 cm (1.54 in.)

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