SST "Simple to Set" Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Timer

Available in 6- and 12-Zone Models

  • Compatible with outdoor or indoor use for irrigation systems
  • Simple zone-by-zone setting allows you to customize watering schedules
  • One-touch seasonal adjustments allow you to increase watering in hot, dry months and reduce it in rainy periods
  • Works with most irrigation valve models that use 24 VAC
  • Long-lasting durability with superior surge protection plus a sealed case to protect against moisture, insects, and grime
  • Supports a master valve or pump start relay and a rain sensor
  • Includes timer, weather-resistant cabinet, built-in transformer with 6-ft cord, installation guide


This indoor-outdoor timer is so easy to use you can forget the instructions. Its intuitive zone-by-zone scheduling allows you to set watering times differently for each area of the yard, providing greener results with less water. By turning the dial to each zone, you can easily set custom days of the week, odd or even days, or a cycle number of days independent of all other zones. You can also set up to four different custom watering times of the day to water slopes and clay soils in short intervals to allow water to soak in and avoid runoff. Each zone's settings can be reviewed quickly with easy-to-read LED indicator lights.

  • Zone-by-zone setting convenience.
    Because you set each watering zone independently, it’s easy to schedule watering perfectly for each area: grass, shrubs, trees, and flower beds.
  • All-in-one view. 
    Set it. Review days and times. All displayed in plain language as you turn the dial to each zone.
  • Easy to use. 
    Loaded with user-friendly features to manage any residential or light commercial irrigation system.
  • Rain delay command.
    Suspends watering manually, resets automatically on next cycle.
  • One-touch seasonal adjustments.
    To increase water in hot, dry months and reduce it in rainy seasons.
  • Built-in trouble shooting of valves and wiring. 
    If a short is detected, the timer suspends watering to that zone and displays a warning message.
  • No need to reprogram after a power outage. 
    All timer settings are stored indefinitely in memory. No backup battery needed!
  • Simple wiring connections. 
    Color-coded terminals with separately marked positions for master valves and pump start relays.



  • 9½" w x 8¾" h x 4" d

Electrical Specifications

  • input 120 VAC/ 0.3 AMP/ 60Hz
  • output 25.5 VAC/ 1 AMP/ 60Hz


  • cULus [US and Canada], FCC Part 15b [US], CAN ICES-3(B)/NMB-3(B) [Canada], NOM-001-SCFI-1993 [Mexico].

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