Spot Watering Drip Emitters

For plants that need extra water, insert 1.0 and 2.0 gph spot watering emitters, branching from main ½" tubing lines to reach trees, potted plants or other targeted areas.

  • Ideal for extending irrigation to widely spaced plants or trees.
  • Increases flow to selected plants as needed anywhere in your landscaping.


Using Spot Watering Emitters and ¼" Tubing Stakes

Tap off of ½" Tubing with Spot Watering Emitters and ¼" Tubing. Black Spot Watering Emitters provide controlled flow of 1.0 GPH. Red Spot Watering Emitters are rated for 2.0 GPH. The tubing can be held in place with ¼" Tubing Stakes. Place bug guard (attached to ¼" Tubing Stake) at end to prevent bugs and debris from clogging tubing.

Tip: For trees, place Spot Watering Emitter 2/3 of the way between tree trunk and outside of canopy. Larger trees require more than one emitter, equally spaced around trunk.

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