SB Series Spiral Barb Fittings

A natural product complement to SPX Series Swing Pipe

For use in conjunction with Swing Pipe as a flexible swing assembly.


Fittings are made of robust acetal material to make connecting swing pipe fast and easy  
Easy twist-in insertion – no glue or clamps needed for installation  
Aggressive barb lip makes a secure connection that is less likely to leak  
Broad range of shapes and sizes allow the contractor to choose the best fitting for the application  
Extended length and aggressive barb lip prevent blow outs,reducing likelihood of contractor call-backs


Operating pressure: Up to 80 psi (5.5 bar)  
Temperature: Up to 110°F (43°C)

Model Comparison

  • SB-CPLG: ½" barb x ½" barb coupling  
  • SBE-075: ¾" M NPT x ½" barb elbow  
  • SBE-050: ½" M NPT x ½" barb elbow  
  • SB-TEE: ½" barb x ½" barb x ½" barb tee
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