SA Series Swing Assemblies - International

Easily Connect Lateral Lines to Sprinkler Heads at Grade

Rain Bird swing pipe assemblies easily allow for more accurate positioning and repositioning of sprinklers at grade around hardscape, terraces, plantings and uneven terrain. Absorbing shock from mowers and other traffic, this flexible tubing system helps minimize repairs and prolongs sprinkler life. Plus, the sure-grip textured surface makes it easy to attach fittings, even in wet conditions.


  • Makes a flexible connection between pipes and spray heads to prevent damage to spray heads, risers and pipes
  • Allows for more accurate positioning of sprinklers
  • Minimizes system depth with large sprinklers
  • Sure-grip textured surface makes it easy to attach fittings, even in wet conditions
  • Enhanced kink resistance, up to 30% more flexible than other brands
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Heavy duty for extra long life


  • The operating range of the Rain Bird Swing Assemblies matches or exceeds the operating range for most 1,3 cm (½") sprays and 1,9 cm (¾") rotors
  • Operating pressure: Up to 5,5 bar (80 psi)
  • Surge pressure: Up to 15,5 bar (240 psi)
  • Temperature: Up to 43° C (110° F)
  • Maximum flow: 0.5 l/sec (8 gpm)

Model Comparison

  • EZSA127550: Swing Assembly 30cm x 19mm x 13mm (12" x 3/4" x 1/2") [19 mm (3/4") male BSP threaded elbow / 13 mm (1/2") male BSP threaded elbow]
  • EZSA127575: Swing Assembly 30cm x 19mm x 19mm (12" x 3/4" x 3/4") [19 mm (3/4") male BSP threaded elbows on both ends]