Rotor Tools

Wrenches and tools for easy maintaining and adjustment of Rain Bird Rotors, including:

  • Mini-Paw/Maxi-Paw Wrench
  • Hold Up Tool
  • Rotor Tool


42064 Mini-Paw/Maxi-Paw Wrench
For removing internal assembly from case
Hold-Up Tool with Bubble Level
Works with Rain Bird 5000 Series, 5500 Series, Falcon 6504, and 8005 Series Rotors
Rotor Tool
The universal Rain Bird rotor tool. Flat blade screwdriver and pull-up tool all in one

Model Comparison

  • HOLDUPTOOL: Holdup Tool with Bubble Level
  • ROTORTOOL: Rotor Tool
  • 42064: Mini-Paw/Maxi-Paw Wrench
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