LFX300 Low Flow Sprinkler

Flow rate: 0.28 to 0.73 gpm (62 to 161 l/h)

The small footprint of the low-volume LFX300 offers unparalleled operational flexibility with both interchangeable brake assemblies and nozzles. Featuring unmatched water distribution at all trajectories, the LFX300 is perfect for a wide variety of applications.

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  • Simple three part sprinkler design includes body, nozzle, and brake assembly with attached deflector
  • Each nozzle and brake assembly was designed to easily be changed with other sizes or outlet trajectories to maximize operational flexibility
  • Easy in-field maintenance with simple snap-in-place nozzle and brake assembly including visual indicators to ensure correct positioning
  • Engineered to provide superior distribution uniformity for low volume applications in either an under-tree or over-head configuration
  • Constructed of engineered thermoplastic materials for durability and weather resistance
  • Color-coded nozzles and deflectors for easy identification
  • Three flow control nozzle options for consistent flow of water


  • For agriculture, greenhouse, and nursery applications which require a small footprint or low-volume sprinkler
  • Optimized for a wide variety of applications including orchard and field irrigation, environmental control, crop cooling, and dust control


  • Stake options include: steel, fiberglass, or preassembled PVC assemblies
  • Variety of adapters and accessories available for increased application flexibility


Operating Range:

  • Pressure: 25 to 50 psi (1.72 to 3.45 bar)
  • Flow rate: 0.28 to 0.73 gpm (62 to 161 l/h)
  • Radius of throw: 18 to 25 feet (5.5 to 7.6 meters)

Sprinkler Body Options:

  • 1/2“ (13mm) NPT male pipe thread
  • Female ACME thread

Deflector Trajectory Outlets:

  • Deflector preassembled in brake assembly
  • 9° Red
  • 9° White
  • 15° Orange

Nozzle Sizes:

  • 40 Light Blue (0.040”, 1.02mm)
  • 45 Light Purple (0.045”, 1.14mm)
  • 50 Dark Green (0.050”, 1.27mm)
  • 55 Light Yellow (0.055”, 1.40mm)
  • 60 Light Red (0.060”, 1.52mm)
  • F1 0.35 gpm (79.5 l/h) Flow Control
  • F2 0.50 gpm (113.6 l/h) Flow Control
  • F3 0.43 gpm (97.6 l/h) Flow Control

Uniformity Select:

Not sure which deflector and nozzle are right for your project?

Try our Uniformity Select tool here.

Packaging Data:

  • Sprinkler can be ordered assembled from the factory or a la carte for ultimate field flexibility
  • Assembled sprinklers can be ordered in increments of 1; case quantity of 400
  • Sprinkler parts vary in order increment and case quantity; Nozzles: Order increment of 200; case quantity of 1,600.  Brake Assemblies: Order increment of 200; case quantity of 4,000. Bodies: Order increment of 1; case quantity of 400
  • Accessories and mounting options vary in order increment; call for details 1-800-HELLO-AG


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