52SA Premium Stainless Steel Rotor Sprinklers

Adjustable 40° - 360° Pattern, 25' - 50' Spray Distance

  • Water-lubricated, durable gear-driven rotor with stainless steel shaft for a longer life
  • Water-saving Rain Curtain nozzle technology produces large wind-resistant droplets and more uniformity
  • Easy top arc adjustment; requires only a flat-bladed screwdriver
  • Adjustable 40° to 360° part-circle and reversing full-circle rotation in one; 25'-50' spray distance
  • True 4" pop-up height clears taller grass
  • Protected closed-case design; ideal for “creeping” grasses, sandy soil, and other harsh surroundings


This premium quality rotor features a stainless steel shaft for longer life. Its extended throw distance up to 50 feet plus superior coverage uniformity make the 52SA gear drive rotor an ideal upgrade for large zones where greener, healthier grass is desired. It adjusts easily at the top with a flat blade screwdriver to ensure that you are watering only things that grow, not the house, sidewalk or driveway.

It installs on a standard ¾ in. riser for simple replacement of older rotors and provides a true 4 in. pop-up height to clear taller grass. Water lubricated, gear driven design provides long lasting dependability. Dual action, positive stop wiper seal protects internals from debris and, together with a heavy duty stainless steel spring, assures positive pop-up and retraction for water savings. Advanced Rain Curtain nozzle technology produces large water droplets that fall exactly where you want them, resisting windblown overspray. The nozzle “micro ramps” also direct a portion of the spray close to the head, eliminating dry brown spots that are common with other rotor brands. This superior coverage uniformity can help you reduce watering time on your rotor zone, saving money on water bills.


    • ¾" inlet
    • 4" pop-up height
    • Spray distance 25 - 50 feet
    • Maximum operating pressure of 70 psi
    • Adjustable 40 degree to 360 degree arc

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