1800 Series Pressure Regulated Spray (PRS) Heads with Dual Spray & HEVAN Nozzles

Maximum Water Savings

  • Complies with state guidelines in California, Washington, Colorado, Vermont, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Oregon, and New Jersey.
  • Ends misting and fogging caused by high pressure
  • Patented PRS regulator built into the stem maintains constant 30 psi for nozzle efficiency
  • Ideal for use in areas with fluctuating water pressures or windy conditions
  • Up to 50% water savings
  • Choice of nozzles: high efficiency, standard MPR or bodies only
  • Pop-up heights from 2" – 12"
  • ½" bottom inlet


  • The ultimate choice for watering efficiency along with proven 1800 Series sprinkler reliability
  • Maintains constant outlet pressure at 30 psi for the most efficient nozzle performance
  • Stops water waste, and ensures necessary watering occurs in high-pressure or windy conditions
  • Increases watering uniformity across zones for greener results with less water
  • Rebate eligible through select water districts

Other features include:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel spring assures flush retraction every time
  • The patented pressure-activated, co-molded wiper seal features an encased plastic "cage" to provide unmatched resistance to grit, pressure, and the environment.
  • A tapered pop-up neck helps remove debris during retraction while a precision-controlled flushing action also clears debris assuring positive stem retraction in all soil types.
  • The two-piece ratchet mechanism allows easy nozzle pattern alignment without tools and provides extra durability.
    All sprinkler components are removable from the top without special tools; providing for quick and easy flushing and maintenance.

Pressure Regulated Sprays with HE-VAN Nozzles and Check Valve

Maximum Efficiency

  • Meets the water-saving needs of all spray areas, regardless of changing elevation or water pressures
  • Built-in pressure regulator stops misting
  • Check valve eliminates low head drainage and puddling
  • HE-VAN high-efficiency adjustable nozzle for uniform coverage in any adjusted pattern
  • Pop-up height: 4"

Pressure Regulated Sprays with HE-VAN Nozzles

  • Water saving efficiency plus full 0° - 360° adjustability
  • Defined streams produce larger, wind-resistant drops that cover evenly in any pattern
  • Pop-up height: 2" or 4"

Pressure Regulated Sprays with Dual Spray™ Nozzles

  • Dual orifices eliminate gaps close to the spray
  • Minimizes dry, brown spots
  • Pop-up height: 2", 3" or 4"


Pop-up Heights: 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 inches
Maximum spray distance: up to 15 ft
2" and 4" sprays with Dual Spray™ or HE-VAN nozzles, also as bodies only (no nozzles)
3" sprays with Dual Spray™ nozzles
4" with HE-VAN nozzle and check valve
6" and 12" sprays with standard MPR nozzles

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