New ClimateMinder® Entry-Level Soil Moisture Monitoring System from Rain Bird Provides Growers with Actionable Intelligence

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 12:11

AZUSA, CA (December 4, 2017) —Today, more than ever before, growers need quick access to valuable information that can help them improve yields, reduce inputs and save money. Now, with Rain Bird Agriculture's new entry‐level ClimateMinder® soil moisture monitoring system, growers can view their fields' soil moisture data from any internet‐enabled device.

"Unlike other soil moisture monitoring solutions, ClimateMinder is easy to use, flexible and well supported," said Bulut Ersavas, business development manager for Rain Bird's ClimateMinder product line. "Rain Bird's roots are in agriculture, and we've used our 80‐plus years of experience to develop a system that can help growers reduce plant stress, verify proper irrigation schedules and improve crop quality."

Ideal for row crops, permanent crops or fruits and vegetables, the ClimateMinder soil moisture monitoring system includes a cellular monitoring station, a pressure switch and an intuitive website to access field data from anywhere. Growers can choose either a 16" probe with four soil moisture measurement depths or a 32" probe with six soil moisture measurement depths. Appropriate probe selection is based on crop type.

"The system measures soil moisture and records soil conditions every 15 minutes, transmitting that data every three hours," said Luke Wilson, product manager for Rain Bird's Agriculture Division. "That makes it possible for growers to track irrigation events and look at historical trends to determine the effect each irrigation cycle has on their fields and crops, ensuring irrigation reaches crop root zones and no further, saving water and energy. They can also monitor fertigation depth to prevent wasteful leaching."

Growers can view soil moisture information at as well as receive daily reports with the most current field data via email each morning. They can also easily provide other team members and advisors with access to ClimateMinder data so that these individuals can make critical irrigation choices as needed.

"Rain Bird believes in providing growers with products that offer the highest levels of support," Ersavas added. "ClimateMinder is another example of our dedication to helping growers produce quality crops that have a positive effect on their bottom lines."

The ClimateMinder entry‐level soil moisture monitoring joins the highly successful ClimateMinder Professional Monitoring and ClimateMinder ESP‐LX controllers as a part of Rain Bird's complete family of agricultural technology products. These products are sold through a network of authorized Rain Bird ClimateMinder resellers. For more information on the ClimateMinder soil moisture monitoring system or any of Rain Bird's other irrigation solutions for the agriculture industry, visit


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