Living Our Values: Community Involvement

At Rain Bird, we are dedicated to helping our local communities. We give back in every way we can, working to give time and money to benefit others. We also donate our Rain Bird irrigation products to schools, gardens, and others in need of water-conserving and money-saving equipment. Find out more about the ways we give back to our community.

Volunteer Work

We provide our employees opportunities to help out their local charities several times per year. We’ve volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Union Station Homeless Services, Ronald McDonald House, and more worthy causes.

A few years ago, we donated both time, energy, and Rain Bird products to refresh the landscaping at the Community Lutheran Church and Saddleback Children’s Center in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The church was using an inefficient and outdated irrigation system that churned through over 1 million gallons of water per year. We replaced the broken sprinkler heads and old control system and implemented a state-of-the-art Rain Bird irrigation system. This new system would not only save the church money and revitalize their land, but also it would conserve nearly 500,000 gallons of water per year.


Where we can’t give our time, we make donations. For over 30 years, Rain Bird has partnered with United Way to bring change to our local communities. We make it easy for our employees to donate directly to their local United Way and make an investment at home. United Way works at a local level to bring lasting change to the communities we live in, fighting for quality education and financial stability for all residents.

Recently, we got a fundraising team together to donate to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and were able to make a substantial donation to the group. Our company matched all of our employees’ donations to the cause!

Grants and Scholarships

In order to inspire others to follow our footsteps in the Intelligent Use Of Water, we’ve created a number of grants and scholarships over the years. We established a scholarship with the Landscape Architecture Foundation to recognize outstanding students making achievements in irrigation science. The award is called the Rain Bird Intelligent Use of Water™ Scholarship, and we award it to a candidate who we believe will make a difference in water conservation.

For several years, Rain Bird offered grants to fund water conservation projects around the world. The program was called the Intelligent Use of Water Awards. In 2010 alone, Rain Bird awarded more than $50,000 to grant recipients to help fund their environmental sustainability projects. The ultimate goal of this grant program was to promote global green spaces and encourage individuals and organizations to pursue conservation work — something that is still a core tenet of Rain Bird.

Join Our Charitable Team

Want to work at a company that is dedicated to helping our community? Join the team at Rain Bird! Not only are we involved in helping people through volunteering and donations, we constantly work to help the environment by developing water-conserving irrigation systems that promote The Intelligent Use of Water. Visit our Careers page today!

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