GritX™ DSV Pressure Compensating Dripline

Reliable, durable, high performing anti-drain PC dripline

Improve irrigation efficiency and precision with Rain Bird® GritX™ Dual Seal Valve Pressure Compensating Dripline. Featuring our reliable, self-flushing GritX Dual Seal Valve Emitter it offers a built in check valve with anti-drain and anti-siphon functionality to ensure that you’re irrigating what you want when you want with precision.

Precise Spacing          Consistent emitter to emitter          Accurate Flow


Dual Seal Valve Technology

  • Dual Seal Valve provides both anti-drain and anti-siphon benefits
  • Provides 3 psi [0.2 bar] of holdback


GritX Technology

  • GritX self-flushing emitter ensures consistent and reliable watering
  • Market leading Distribution Uniformity, flow rate accuracy, and recovery times


Factory to Farm Guarantee

  • Durable, kink free tubing means easy installation and long-lasting performance
  • Dual green stripes help identify and orient emitters for installation
  • Custom pallets guarantee S5 Dripline arrives in pristine shape and is easy to handle
  • Multi-point inspection policy ensures product quality from factory to farm


Operating Range

Operating Pressure: 15 - 60 psi (1 - 4 bar)

Opening Pressure: 10 psi (0.7 bar)

Closing Pressure: 3 psi (0.2 bar)

Holdback: 7 feet (2 meters)

Water Temperature: 110°F (43.3°C)

Ambient Temperature: 150°F (65.6°C)

Required Filtration: 120 mesh (125 micron) 


Nominal Flow Rates:

0.46gph (1.7lph)


Standard Emitter Spacing:

  • Specify any repeating pattern for emitter spacing from 6 to 96 inches
  • Irregular patterns are acceptable as long as the pattern repeats


Tubing Dimensions:

  • 16 mm with 35mil wall: OD 0.610" (15.5mm), ID 0.540" (13.7mm), wall thickness 0.035"(0.9mm) 
  • 16 mm with 45mil wall: OD 0.630" (16.0mm), ID 0.540" (13.7mm), wall thickness 0.045"(1.1mm) 
  • 18 mm: OD 0.709" (18.0mm), ID 0.619" (15.7mm), wall thickness 0.045"(1.1mm) 
  • 20 mm: OD 0.786" (19.9mm), ID 0.690" (17.5mm), wall thickness 0.048"(1.2mm)

Grit X DSV applications















Crop Applications: Citrus Irrigation, Avocado Irrigation, Vineyard Irrigation, Apple Irrigation, Stonefruit Irrigation, Berry Irrigation, Cherry Irrigation

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