The FREEDOM System™

Mobile Controller for Golf Irrigation

The FREEDOM System handheld provides reliable, two-way communication with your Rain Bird system. Use it to choose from command‑based or schedule‑based operations, making irrigation adjustments a snap. Either way, The FREEDOM System puts you in control of your irrigation management system wherever you are.



  • Two-way Communication with Rain Bird Centrals. Audio response at radio indicates command received by central.
  • Station- and Program-Based Commands. Provides the flexibility to turn ON or OFF any station or an entire area with the click of a few buttons.
  • FREEDOM-Based Commands Recorded at Central. Irrigation activity logged at the central whether stations turned ON with FREEDOM System or with central.
  • Optional Flo-Manager® Bypass. Permits FREEDOM user to bypass Flo-Manager.
  • Optional Operating Window. Allows user to define FREEDOM usage hours, which helps superintendents to control irrigation activity.
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • Telephone Operation. All FREEDOM commands can be activated using a telephone connection.


Weather-resistant and reliable. The NX-3320-k3 handheld radio is built to survive the drops, hard-knocks and weather environments of
its users. The NX-3320-k3 meets or exceeds the demanding MIL‑STD “driven rain” standard, which guarantees water‑resistant performance even in wet weather.

  • LCD Display. The backlit, high-resolution dot matrix 12-character display furnishes the user with a simple easy-to-read interface.
  • High-Quality Audio Output. Equipped with an extra‑large 1.58-inch speaker that delivers a half‑watt of audio power for robust clarity.
  • Extra-Long Battery Life. 1100 mAh batteries deliver more than nine (9) hours of operating time on a single charge (5-5-90 duty).
  • Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth. Each channel can be programmed for wide or narrow bandwidth operation.
  • One-Year Warranty.
  • MIL‑STD 810 C/D/E/F Environmental Tests. Meets or exceeds the stringent IP/54/55 dust and water intrusion standards and a full range of tough MIL‑STD 810 C, D, E and F environmental standards in categories such as vibration, shock, dust, humidity, rain, temperature, solar radiation and atmospheric pressure.



  • 450 – 470 MHz (Narrowband)
    Note: Site survey and license required.


  • 100 V/110 V: 60 Hz
  • 230 V: 50/60 Hz

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