Incredibly Simple Time-Based Control.

Offering all the basics you need to maintain great playing conditions while saving time and water, Stratus LT is a high-value package for 18-hole courses. When you’re ready for more sophisticated irrigation management, Stratus LT has the capacity to upgrade to ET-based control with SmartWeather™.


Active rainfall monitoring and automatic user-defined irrigation responses dynamically deliver exact application rates and reduce water use—all during an irrigation cycle.
With real-time flow management, Flo-Manager delivers maximum watering flexibility, reducing wear on your pump station and minimizing your water window.
Temporary Station, Schedule and Program Adjust
Fine-tuned adjustments can be made on individual stations, programs and schedules to resolve temporary irrigation needs.
Quick IRR™ and Simple IRR™
Intuitive programming makes building irrigation programs simple and quick.
Smart Weather™ 
Automatically adjust your system based on real-time weather events and daily evapotranspiration (ET) measurements for precision irrigation and less waste.
SmartPump™ (Optional Upgrade)
24/7 pump station monitoring allows you to automatically modify irrigation demand based on your actual pump data, increasing your pump station efficiency and protecting your entire hydraulic system.


Map-Based Control
Up to 18 Holes
Up to 25 per Program
Satellites: Up to 672
IC: Up to 750
Pump Stations
Up to 2
Weather Stations
1 (WS-PRO LT only)

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