ESC-1 Satellite Controller


et the power of advanced water management in one, easy-to-use package with the full-featured ESC‑1 Controller. This golf‑quality, value‑priced controller features four programs, a real-time calendar, RASTER troubleshooting technology, and the best customer satisfaction program in the industry.


Station Capacity

  • 16, 24, or 40 stations.

Central Control Ready

  • Works with any Rain Bird® Central Control System. Factory configured to receive commands via cellular phone (MI Series Mobile Controller*) or UHF radio (The FREEDOM System).
    • Dynamic FloManager®
    • Smart Pump™
    • Smart Sensor™
    • Smart Weather™

Mix and Match

  • Mix and match with any other Rain Bird Controller, and with any Rain Bird Central Control System.


  • Best-in-class weather-proof plastic pedestal.

Easy to Use

  • Large buttons with clear, descriptive icons make programming easy.

Large Capacity Terminal Strip

  • Accepts up to two 14-gauge wires per station.

Standard Surge Protection

  • Heavy-duty surge protection included in all models.

RASTER (rapid station test routine

  • Allows to detect short and open circuits between controller and station

Cycle + Soak™

  • Helps to avoid water puddles and runoff.

Irrigation Control

  • Two master valve terminals, one programmable by station.

Easy Programming

  • ODD day watering.
  • EVEN day watering.
  • Variable day cycle from 1 to 99 days per program.
  • Custom day‑of‑the‑week by program.

Battery Programmable Controller

  • Allows for programming prior to installation.

Multiple Schedule Operation

  • As many programs as permitted by Rain Bird Central Control Systems, or four independent programs with eight start times each in standalone mode.

The flexible ESC-1 can be ordered in the following configurations:

  • ESC-1 standalone controller in a plastic pedestal.
  • ESC-1 satellite with hardwired module in a plastic pedestal.



  • Standalone and two-wire

Electrical Input

  • 117 VAC ±10% (60 Hz)

Electrical Output

  • 26.5 VAC, 3 AMP

Station Load Capacity

  • Up to two 24 VAC, seven VA solenoids per station

Power Supply Overload

  • Backup fuse 3 AMP SLO-BLO

Battery Backup

  • 9 VDC, NiCad rechargeable

Water Budget

  • 0 to 300% in 1% increments

Rain Delay

  • Enables system to stay off for up to 99 days with auto‑restart

Station Runtimes

  • 0 to 2 hours, in 1‑minute increments
  • 2 to 12 hours in 10-minute increments


  • UL and C-UL Listed, CE approved, C-Tick Compliant and FCC

Plastic Pedestal Dimensions

  • Width: 17" (43.2 cm)
  • Height: 34¾" (88 cm)
  • Depth: 21" (53.4 cm)

Model Comparison

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