Drip System Operation Indicator Kit

Rain Bird Drip System Operation Indicator Kit provides a quick visual assurance that your drip irrigation system is running, which is especially valuable with a subsurface installation. When your drip system reaches 15 PSI (1,0 bar), the pop-up indicator rises 6” (15 cm) to provide a clear visual indication that the zone is on and water is flowing. When the system is off, the pop-up indicator retracts to become hidden by lowering safely and securely back into the operational indicator body.  


Indicates when the Drip Irrigation Zone is Running

  • Indicator pops up as a visual notification that the drip irrigation zone is running and retracts when the system is off
  • Stem rises 6” (15 cm) with a colored cap or spray nozzle for clear visibility
  • Indicates drip irrigation zone operation as low as 15 PSI (1,0 bar)
  • Ideal for densely planted sites or drip irrigation for turf

Multiple Indication Options

  • Yellow 4-VAN (Variable Arc Spray Nozzle) can be adjusted to allow for a visual spray indication or no flow. The 4-VAN spray nozzle has a 3 to 4 ft. (0,9 to 1,2 m) spray range.
  • Wetting pattern of spray nozzle can also be used as additional indication that system is running or has been run recently
  • A bright yellow cap for an operational indicator that doesn’t need spray indication
  • A purple cap to indicate non-potable water is used in the drip irrigation zone

Long Lasting

  • When not in use, the stem retracts flush into the body to hide and protect the indicator
  • Constructed with UV resistant, high impact plastic
  • Includes 16” of durable 1/4” distribution tubing with self piercing connection fitting pre-installed


Operating Range

  • Pressure: 15 to 60 PSI (1,0 to 4,1 bar)



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