Drip Irrigation Spot Watering Kit

This versatile hose-connected watering kit has everything you need to create a custom drip irrigation layout and apply regulated flow directly to the root zone of vegetable plants, shrubs, and trees.

The kit includes two types of watering devices. Use the Spot Emitters near vegetable plants to increase plant yields and reduce weeding. Place the Micro Bubblers at the base of shrubs for healthy root development.  Insert tees to run multiple devices around larger plants and trees.

Also includes tubing, stakes, 6-port staked manifold with 30 PSI pressure regulator, fine mesh filter, and quick hose connector.


  • Up to 65% water savings compared to manual watering
  • Includes 12 watering devices
    • 4 x 1.0 GPH emitters
    • 4 x 2.0 GPH emitters
    • 2 Half-Pattern Bubblers
    • 2 Full-Pattern Bubblers
  • Waters 15 - 25 plants

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