Drip Fast Start Kit

Get more colorful, longer lasting blooms in your flower beds and more consistent growing results with shrubs, vegetables, and other plants.

This easy-to-install Rain Bird drip irrigation kit has everything you need to set up a precise drip watering system that covers up to six plants or closely spaced plant groupings.

It connects to an outside faucet and comes with 50 ft. of distribution tubing that can be placed in any arrangement around your planting area.


  • Adjustable micro watering for all types of plants
  • Easy-to-install kit with faucet adapter, tubing, and six high-rise watering devices with different patterns
  • Staked risers adjust from 12" to 18" height to direct water exactly where you want it
  • Up to 80% water savings compared to hose-end sprinklers
  • Schedule watering automatically with optional timer 1ZEHT

Each kit contains:

  • 50' x ½" distribution tubing
  • 1 x ½" barbed tee
  • 1 x faucet-mounted regulator and filter
  • 6 x adjustable riser stakes
  • 1 x hole punch
  • 2 x end closures
  • 10 x galvanized stakes
  • A selection of six watering devices:
    • 2 x micro sprays,
    • 2 x micro bubblers,
    • 1 x umbrella bubbler and
    • 1 x micro mister.