2045-PJ Maxi Bird Impact Sprinklers

Dirty Water Applications - Spacing Up to 45 Feet (13.7 m)

Designed for a variety of uses where full circle sprinklers should not overthrow water into restricted areas. The body, arm, bearing sleeve and nipple are made of durable Delrin™ plastic.


Proven impact drive with straight-through flow for superior performance in dirty water
Double-weighted arm for slower rotation and increased distance of throw
Adjustable arm spring for low-pressure and low-gallonage operation
Precision Jet tube (PJ™) minimizes side splash
5 Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) nozzles and 2 low-angle (LA) nozzles
Interchangeable, color-coded bayonet mount nozzles
No tools required to change nozzles
FP trip permits full circle (360°) or part-circle operation (20° to 340°)
Powerful reverse action
Three-year trade warranty


Precipitation Rate: 0.28 to 1.21 inches per hour (7 to 31 mm/h)
Radius: 22 to 45 feet (6,7 to 13,7 m)
Radius with Radius Reduction Screw: 18 feet (5,4 m)
Pressure: 25 to 60 psi (1,7 to 4,1 Bars)
Flow Rate: 1.5 to 8.4 GPM (0,34 to 1,91 m3/h; 0,09 to 0,53 l/s)
Low angle (LA) nozzles: 07 LA-black; 10 LA-yellow
½" (15/21) male threaded inlet
Standard trajectory angle nozzles: 06-red; 07-black; 08-blue; 10-yellow; 12-beige
Nozzle outlet trajectory is 23° for 06, 07, 08, 10, and 12 nozzles
LA nozzle outlet trajectory is 11°

Model Comparison

  • 2045-PJ: Maxi-Bird