XFS Subsurface Dripline with Copper Shield™ Technology

ARain Bird® XFS Sub-Surface Copper-Colored Dripline with Copper Shield™ Technology is the latest innovation in the Rain Bird Landscape Drip Family. Rain Bird’s patent-pending Copper Shield Technology protects the emitter from root intrusion, creating a long-lasting, low maintenance sub-surface drip irrigation system for use under turf grass or shrub and groundcover areas. A proprietary tubing material makes the XFS Sub-Surface Dripline with Copper Shield the most flexible tubing in the industry, and the easiest sub-surface dripline to design with and install.

The Shiny Metallic Copper-Color Outside Ensures the Copper Shield™ is Inside


LEED Certification Logo
This product qualify for LEED credit 4.2 because it contains at least 20% polyethylene recycled material


Rain Bird’s low-profile emitter design reduces in-line pressure loss, allowing longer lateral runs, simplifying design and reducing installation time
Variety of emitter flow rates, emitter spacing and coil lengths provide design flexibility for either sub-surface turf or sub-surface shrub and groundcover applications
XFS Sub-Surface Dripline emitters are protected from root intrusion by Rain Bird’s patent-pending Copper Shield™ Technology resulting in a system that does not require maintenance or replacement of chemicals to prevent root intrusion
The pressure-compensating emitter design provides a consistent flow over the entire lateral length ensuring higher uniformity for increased reliability in the pressure range of 8.5 to 60 psi
Dual-layered tubing (copper over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae growth and UV damage
Grit Tolerant: Rain Bird’s proprietary emitter design resists clogging by use of an extra-wide flow path combined with a self-flushing action


Operating Range
Pressure: 8.5 to 60 psi (0.58 to 4.14 bar)
Flow rates: 0.4 gph, 0.6, and 0.9 gph (1.6 l/h, 2.3 l/hr and 3.5 l/hr)
  -Water: Up to 100°F (37.8° C)
  -Ambient: Up to 125°F (51.7° C)
Required Filtration: 120 mesh
Available in 100' and 500' (30.5 m and 152.4 m) coils
Coil Color: Copper
Use with XF Dripline Insert Fittings


OD: 0.634" (16mm)
ID: 0.536" (13.6mm)
Thickness: 0.049" (1.2mm)

Model Comparison

XFS - Coil Color: Copper

  • XFS-04-12-500: XFS, 0.4 gph(1.6I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFS-04-18-500: XFS, 0.4 gph(1.6I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFS-06-12-500: XFS, 0.6 gph(2.3I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFS-06-18-500: XFS, 0.6 gph(2.3I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFS-09-12-500: XFS, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFS-09-18-500: XFS, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFS - Coil Color: Purple

  • XFSP-04-12-500: XFSP, 0.4 gph(1.6I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFSP-04-18-500: XFSP, 0.4 gph(1.6I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFSP-06-12-500: XFSP, 0.6 gph(2.3I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFSP-06-18-500: XFSP, 0.6 gph(2.3I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFSP-09-12-500: XFSP, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFSP-09-18-500: XFSP, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFS - Coil Color: Purple Stripe

  • XFSPS-04-12-5: XFSPS, 0.4 gph(1.6I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFSPS-04-18-5: XFSPS, 0.4 gph(1.6I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFSPS-09-18-5: XFSPS, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)