Xeri-Bird 8 Multi-Outlet Drip Emission Device

The Most Flexible and Feature-Rich Multi-Outlet Device on the Market, Ideal for New Projects and Retrofit Applications


The only multi-outlet device on the market with 8 configurable ports and 10 flow options for each port for maximum flexibility
XBD-80 and XBD-81 models each contain a built-in filter. Makes retro-fitting easy when installed with the optional in-stem pressure regulator (PRS-050 page 163)
Easy to maintain, because body can be easily removed from riser
Threads onto any 1⁄2" riser and delivers water to multiple locations for increased system flexibility
Each port accepts a Xeri-Bug™ Emitter or PC Module for independent flows from 0.5 to 24 gph (1.89 to 90.84 l/h) or use a self-piercing barb connector (SPB-025) for unrestricted flow
XBD-80 and XBD-81 models each feature an integral 200 mesh (75 micron) filter which is easily serviceable from the top of the unit
Eight bottom-mounted, sure-grip barbed outlets securely retain 1⁄4" Distribution Tubing (XQ)
Unique union base nut allows removal of Xeri-Bird 8 body from riser for easy installation and maintenance
Emitters must be installed inside the Xeri-Bird to prevent excess back pressure


Operating Range
Flow: 0.5 to 24 gph (1.89 to 90.84 l/h) per outlet
Pressure: 15 to 50 psi (1.0 to 3.5 bar)

Model Comparison

  • XBD-80: Xeri-Bird 8 unit (includes 7 removable port plugs and filter)
  • XBD-81: Xeri-Bird 8 unit (includes eight 1 gph (3.79 l/h) Xeri-Bug emitters factory installed, and filter)
  • Replacement Parts:

  • XBD8SCRN: replacement screen and two o-rings
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