Waterproof Wire Connectors

Our wire connectors feature an easy to use, one-step installation to ensure a solid connection. Simply insert the wires and twist! 

The connectors are filled with silicone gel, so there's no mess or hassle with a grease tube. In addition, our durable connectors are protected with UV resistant materials and can withstand a 600 volt surge.


Installation Instructions

Important: Turn off power before installing or removing connector. Product to be used in accordance with local and national codes.


  • Strip #22 - 18 wires ½" (12.7 mm) and #16 - 12 wires 3/8" (9.5 mm).
  • Align any frayed strands or conductors.
  • Pre-twisting unnecessary. Place stripped wires together with ends of insulation even.
  • Twist connector onto wires pushing firmly until hand-tight. Do not over torque.
  • Wipe sealant in and around conductors and connector opening while tightening. Do not reuse.


  • Max. Voltage: 600V max. building wire (1000V max. signs or luminaries)
  • Wire Type: Copper/Copper. Do not use on Aluminum wire.
  • Wire Range: Min #22/Max #12
  • Temperature Rating: 105°C (221°F)
  • Silicone Sealant: -45°F to 400°F

UL 486D Listed as a sealed wire connector system.

For use in damp, wet, raintight, and submersible locations. Not to be used in continuous submersible applications.

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